You Don’t Need a Product Or a course To Start a Blog

You Don’t Need To Have a Product Or a course To Start a Blog
You Don’t Need a Product Or a course To Start a Blog

Hello! So today’s topic is You don’t need a product or a course to start a blog. But a lot of people think like that – they are supposed to have their own product or they’re supposed to have their course ready to launch the blog. That is not true at all.  Because when you start writing your content, your audience is attracted to you through your content. Your audience responds to your content. When you’re consistently writing your content, slowly and slowly you’ll figure out, which of your content your audience is liking better. Then you’ll learn which type of the content, your audiences gives feedback to.

You Don’t Need To Have a Product Or a course To Start a Blog

And from there you can figure out which type of product or course you can create. So without putting your content out, you will not know what your audience likes. 

Take my example

When I started my blog. I had no idea what kind of niche I am in, what kind of content I’ll be writing, but only thing was shared with me that I like writing a blog at that time. When I started my blog in 2016, October 2016. I started with a company who was teaching how to make money online because I was fed up from my commute. I was commuting to our own family business for more than one hour. And I was really fed up of the commute and driving to work. 

So I decided that I want to work from home. And in that quest I looked around in my 3 too, and I worked different jobs. Finally I decided that I want to work from home. And I started with a company who was teaching how to make money online and blog came on the side. 

So at that time, I just knew that I like writing blog, because at that time I really did like blogs and getting information from the blogs. And I wished I can write my own blog. I can put my own information out there. And my wish came true. 

So now I did not put much focus on the marketing they were teaching for how to make money. Or how to make money online by by multi level marketing. I did not focus on there. I really focused on the blog part. And I was writing my blog consistently. And that is how my audience grew. This is how people started asking me all type of questions. And that is why I started my own Facebook group – Be Your Own Boss – to answer all the questions. 

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People were asking me questions on my blog and my friends were asking me too.  I was getting emails, messages on blogging. So I started my Facebook group to teach people what I was learning. I started making videos to teach whatever I was learning. So this is a how I figured out what kind of content my audience likes, what kind of content I should continue with. And what products should I create.

And this is how I found out that I want to write a book because my audience gave me feedback that they want to learn from me about blogging or How to Start a blog. So I wrote and self published a book on Amazon after two years of starting my blog. My book’s name is ‘Starting A Successful Blog: Share Your Passion And Turn It Into A Business. So this is how I figured out which kind of products or courses I will be creating. 

Once you’re putting your content out there your audience’s talking to you. They are commenting their questions. You are answering them and you are taking their feedback seriously and this is how you’re going to know that this kind of product or course you want. This is how I learned that I want to create a course about blogging. My blogging course name is blog to be your own boss and I launched last year. 

Only start a blog

So you just need to start your blog because your blog is a work in itself. On top of that you need to have extra stress that you need to have a product or you need to have a course to launch a blog. No, you just launch your blog, start writing

So for launching your blog, First, you need to choose a platform. The two most popular ones are WordPress and Blogger. I would recommend starting with WordPress because it’s more versatile and has more features, and fairly easy to use. Once you’ve decided on a platform, the next step is to set up your blog. This includes choosing a name for your blog, creating an account, and setting up your blog’s basic settings.

Once that’s done, it’s time to start writing! The great thing about blogging is that there are no rules – you can write about whatever you want, whenever you want. You can also share photos, videos, and links to other articles or websites. And don’t forget to engage with your readers by leaving comments and responding to their comments.

The final step is to promote your blog. You can do this by sharing it on social media, submitting it to article directories, and using other marketing techniques. And don’t give up – it takes time and effort to build a successful blog, but if you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded in the end!

It’s only a myth

So the myth about having your own product or course is necessary for starting your blog is not true. This is a false notion which a lot of people have. Because a lot of people have asked me a lot of ladies have asked me that they need to have their own product. 

Last year, a mom-preneur sent me a message – Sara I want to start my blog but I’ll start once I have my product ready and my course ready. I said no way honey, you don’t need to have a product or course to start your blog. You just start your blog and this these things will come along as you are writing your blog. 

 And I gave you my own example because when I started my blog, I had no idea what niche I’m gonna be having had no idea that I will be writing a book. I had no idea that I will be creating my own products on my blog. I didn’t knew that I be creating a course. Actually, I only had a faint idea that I’ll be making money from the blog somehow. Moreover, I was not clear at that time about lot of things, when I started my blog in October 2016. 

Hence, after starting my blog, it became clear to me that what content my audience likes because they gave me feedback they asked me questions. So this is how I created my products. This is how I wrote my own book. This is how I created my course. So you do not need a product or a course to start a blog.  Just start your blog. That’s it. 

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Thank God, today I’m feeling all right. Because two days ago I got my booster shot. And for two days, my arm was hurting. I was not feeling good at all. And I was praying to God – God, will I ever feel normal again or is this going to be forever? I was so afraid. And now today I’m feeling alright, I’m feeling fine and I’m glad I got my booster shot. 

Stay safe and healthy and make some money by starting your blog. Grab my PDF guide first to learn how you’re going to make money from blogging and remember you don’t need a product or a course to start a blog:).

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