Spring Break Vacation Diary 2022 Part 1 – From Naples Florida

Sunset at Gulf in Naples Florida

Right now I’m on a spring break vacation in Naples, Florida.

And my creative juices are flowing .

Weather is so perfect 

Different from New York, where it was still  cold when we left from there this Friday.

Last year I wrote the article on spring break too but that was different location in Florida. But this time it is Naples. I always read the name on juice boxes and now I’m here!

Spring Break Vacation Diary 2022 Part 1 - From Naples Florida

I woke-up at 4.44am as I set my alarm to that number.

Our flight was on Friday at 8am at JFK. And I kept seeing this 444 number repeatedly throughout the day.

We landed at RSW Fort Myers Florida at 11.11 am 

And waited for Navi and her fiancee Casey to meet us.

They were flying from O’hare, Chicago. And we arrived at Naples Grande Hotel at 12.30 pm. And we were in our big suite around 1pm.

Spring Break Vacation Diary 2022- From Naples Florida

We had nice lunch inside Naples Grande very airy place next to the pool.

Good Seafood

Food is excellent here at Naples Grande

Since I’m vegan and gluten free but I eat fish.

So last night sushi was excellent and so was calamari and shrimps

We had almost 2 good hours eating and drinking and watching the football game.

Friday and Saturday, two such a perfect days.

After resting for couple of hours we went to the pool first and then to the beach.

Perfect Beach

Beach is couple of miles away, So we took to tram that goes to beach back and forth.

After my glass of Champagne and while inside the water I was feeling so blissful.

The water is not very deep and is warm inside.

Perfect water and swimming experience with my family – my husband, my daughter, her fiancee.

I thanked my angels and God for this special experience after few years as I felt this while in Belize.

Belize memory- almost died

Even though I almost drowned and died there at docks where I went down to feel the water by myself. But as soon as climbed the ladder down, the current was so deep with all the ships docking that I was not able tp come up. And I was screaming help.

And a family, passing by heard my screams and pulled me up Thank god to that strong man who pulled me up and arms were all bruised. And right after that we went to secret beach that is only 5-6 feet deep. So special experience it was in Belize.

Sunset at the Gulf

Next day, Saturday we spent noon time at the spa and whole day at the beach. And in evening had a boardwalk. And watched a perfect sunset on the gulf where the sun looks like it is melting down into the sea. So surreal!

Sunset at Gulf in Naples Florida

After the walk we had a nice dinner at an italian restaurant outdoors showcasing so many beautiful flowers and greenery. All the plants and trees are so beautiful here. One big tree with lot of big roots and stem intertwines the coconut tree all the way up like they are hugging themselves and coexisting so happily!

So right now we have spa appointment at 12 pm for my pedicure. And then will be heading to beach after our lunch.

I’m having so much fun I can’t even believe it as we were quite busy planning and preparing for Navi’s upcoming wedding in August. But this vacation fell in my lap out of no where to make me feel more blissful and grateful in life. And more to come!

Spring Break Vacation Diary 2022- From Naples Florida

Stay Tuned – Spring Break Vacation Diary 2022

Right now it’s 9 am and I’m having my second coffee as I’m writing this.

So stay tuned to part 2 as I’ve today and tomorrow to write in my diary. Because we have a flight in the evening on Monday, that’s tomorrow. So I’ll write today and tomorrow’s experiences in part two. 🙂

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