Spring Break Vacation Diary 2022 part 2- From Naples Florida

Spring Break Vacation Diary 2022 part 2- From Naples Florida

Hello from New York now! Two days ago, I published a Spring Break Vacation Diary 2022 – Part 1 From Naples Florida, on Sunday morning from Naples Grande. And now this is Spring Break Vacation Diary part 2, documenting our excursions for the rest of the time, Sunday and Monday (that is May 30th, Memorial Day 2022 in United States). 

So, now I’m back in New York.

This Spring Break vacation 2022 – part 2 diary I’m writing from my home office. We came back Monday night at 11.30 pm.

Even though our flight was less than 2 hours. But the wait for the taxi at JFK was almost one and half hour. 

And today is Wednesday. So let’s talk about Sunday’s excursions first and then Monday.

Sunday Excursions of Spring Break Vacation Diary part 2

So on Sunday morning I woke up to a nice beautiful sunshine view  from our balcony. I finish my yoga early in the morning then I had a spa appointment at 12 PM for my pedicure. 

The pedicure was excellent she did a good job and I had a nice relaxing massage and nice peachy color on my toenails

Then, after my pedicure I headed to the beach where my family was already hanging out. 

So today the beach was one or 2° more hotter than yesterday and water was sparkling as diamonds it was a beautiful view and beach was jam packed there was not even a space to put any other chair 

Spring Break Vacation Diary 2022 part 2- Naples Florida

So the guy at the tiki was telling me that this is the most busiest day since last year so I got my beach towel and got my extra umbrella and went to my place where my family was enjoying their drinks and swimming. so we had nice 2-3 hours at the beach. And had our lunch at the beach, nice fried shrimps and chicken nuggets. Even though I don’t eat chicken nuggets but I enjoyed my shrimp and my strawberry daiquiri and a glass of champagne.

Spring Break Vacation Diary 2022 part 2- From Naples Florida

While coming back from beach I got compliments from people that my skin is looking very nice as I had nice Swedish massage the other day!

So in the evening we went out for a walk and dinner at a nice Italian restaurant and I was looking for corona I did not want you to have any other drink but unfortunately that big Italian restaurant was jam-packed and they were not serving corona but funny they were serving Caroni.

So I had some other beer instead of my corona. And enjoyed with my tuna and eggplant dish.  We all had a nice dinner. Even though it was stormy and raining, we chose an outdoor table.

And then we went to a gelato shop across the street. And they had a nice flavor of gelatos and those are very nice and refreshing gelatos different from ice cream.

So now we headed back to Naples Grande, our hotel in our car because we rented a SUV as soon as we got off from the airport on Friday. And had a good night sleep.

Monday Excursions

Next Day, Monday morning we decided that we’re not going to the beach because we had our flights in the evening.

So we checked out at 11.30 AM. And went to the city to do some shopping and look around things. We clicked some photos in a nearby flowery park!

First we had a nice brunch at an Italian restaurant. And then, we bought some items and souvenirs to go.

And then we went to a Cleopatra‘s jewelry shop.  Because my daughter wanted to have a nice jewelry for her wedding. So we selected a nice topaz set for her it looks stunning on her.

And then I had a bracelet for me. Those are very nice designs. And the old lady told me that she designed them herself very passionately.

Jewelry items were really nice and designs are very nice.

So after our lunch we did some more shopping.

And then we had a more mini lunch while it was very hot afternoon. And it was very sad that one frail old had a heat stroke and his ambulance took him to the hospital.

Everyone was enjoying their time at this Italian place where all the fountains, flowers made a nice view. And many birds were running around us.

Finally, we headed to the airport around 4 PM and our flight was at 8 PM. Even though it was rainy and stormy weather and some turbulence when the flight started. But we had a good smooth flight later on. And we landed at New York at 10 PM and were at home by 11.30 pm.  So that is the end of our nice trip to Naples Florida.


And in conclusion, Naples, Florida is a very good friendly, lively, nice little place with perfect beaches. Fantastic sunset moments at the Gulf Cost location at Naples Florida pier, certainly made it a great trip. We all had good relaxing time there.  And, for sure we would like to go there again!

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