How To Organize Photos On Mac And I-Phone

How To Organize Photos On Mac And I-Phone

Today I’ll show you how to organize your photos on Mac and I-Phone without any hassle. SmartPhone theses days are very sophisticated and photo quality is pretty good. It’s very easy to click photos with phone. But the real ordeal start when you don’t know how to organize your photos on your Mac or in iPhone library, when more more photos keep piling up. And you constantly get notifications on your laptop to compress files to make more disk space. But you don’t even know how to do that. And  on top of that you’re in doubt wether it will keep everything same and accessible on your laptop.

If you’re like me then you’ve millions of photos of family, friends, all occasions and for business and social medias on your cell phone. And you use, share these photos more than once everyday. And sometime it becomes frustrating to find any particular photo on your phone album or laptop. 

So the solution is photo management and creating new smart album on your new Glyph Atom SSD 2TB external hard drive for backup and future use. Do not worry, as you can still keep few selected photos on your device for current use and store the rest big library away in your external hard drive. And for this to accomplish, here are the three main steps:

  • Sort and Delete unwanted photos
  • Transfer Photos to a external drive
  • Extra Back-up

Sort and Delete unwanted photos

I know it’s hard to delete any photo for emotional reasons but being organized saves lot of time and energy.

For almost six months, that automatic notification— your disk has no space, kept popping on my laptop every-time I opened it. It was so annoying. So I finally decided to do something about it without any further delay, as I was unable to do most of the tasks, eg iMovie or downloading & storing any other files, etc.

So let’s proceed with step number one for organizing your photos- and that’s Delete.

Sort and go through all the photos. Take your time- set 1 or2 hours, or more if you like, to do this. Delete all the photos which you’re not going to use. There is no point of storing photos if they are not good enough to use eg blurry, many versions of same photo, used ones, unclear or pointless. I can say from my experience, now you’ve almost half the amount of photos in your library than before when you started. So we are already organizing our pictures.

Transfer Photos To External Drive

Now the next step is to transfer all your photos to an external hard drive before you loose them. Otherwise it becomes quite difficult to use your laptop further because of no disk space left. 

Glyph Atom SSD 2TB Silver hard drive is the best external drive to transfer all your photos safely from MacBook Air and from iPhone.

I bought Glyph Atom from Amazon. And next day I transferred all my photos safely to this hard drive. 

So first you’ve to install the new external glyph drive and then you can transfer all the photos to this software.

It is very easy to install Glyph Atom usb drive, and transfer, organize all the photos. It’s already configured for mac, so you just have to attach to your mac’s usb outlet and use this software. You can go to ‘Applications’ tab on your mac and find your ‘Photos’ folder. Then drag the ‘Photos’ folder right into this glyph software. And once you finish, then you can either, delete your photo folder on mac if you want. Or you can delete all the photos from this folder and keep a few selected one for your current use. So now your mac has all the free disk space.

Glyph has good customer support too. They are quick in answering your questions and help with installing the drive and transferring your photo libraries in different folders.  

But I called Apple support to help me to make double sure that everything goes smoothly. And the Apple specialist help me transfer all the photos by creating a partition on my Glyph Atom Time Machine. And still leaving a copy of selected photos on my laptop as I wanted. 

You can transfer and create a folder for your videos and movies.

It took me only one or two hours to transfer all my photos from my MacBook Air. And now I have all the space on my MacBook Air and can function perfectly fine without those annoying notifications. It’s been a blessing since I have transferred my photos. I have so much to space and not worry at all.  Glyph Atom is a bit costly(around four hundred dollars). But the price is worth it. 

Because, a few years back I stored all my photos on cheap external usb drive. But the drive is useless now as it doesn’t show anything. So it’s worth it to invest in some durable and efficient hard drive that can store photos for a lifetime. 

How To Organize Photos On Mac And I-Phone

For iPhone, you’ve to transfer all your photos to your laptop first and then transfer to Glyph drive. You can use the airdrop function in phone to send photos to laptop. But make sure airdrop is switched on on both the devices.

Obviously make sure you clean your photo libraries on phone too, otherwise you’ll end up with tons of photos. And that’s time consuming and confusing even for future use of these digital photos. So always start with the delete function before organizing your photo libraries anywhere- on laptop, i-phone or pc. 

Linda Henkel, a psychologist, suggests that interacting and accessing the photos should be easier than just amassing and forgetting them.

Further, Henkel tells the Association for psychological science that “Research has suggested that sheer volume and lack of organization of digital photos for personal memories discourages many people from accessing and reminiscing about them.”

Extra Backup

I recommend backing up your photos on i-cloud or Amazon too. 

I bet you’ve enough free space on your i-cloud drive. If not then buy some more space, it’s affordable.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket only for storing and organizing your digital photos.

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