Six Marketing Hacks That You Can Use To Crush Your Biz online

Six online marketing hacks that you can use to crush your biz

Six marketing hacks that you can use to crush your biz.

There are many strategies for marketing but it can be super effective with these six marketing hacks that you can use to crush your biz online.

Let’s start with the six marketing hacks that you can use to crush your business online.

Number one is keep in mind that you are marketing to people. Sometime when we are marketing, we are using automation. We are using technology, capture pages, and then we forget that at the other end, looking at it, is just like a human being just like us. When we are rolling our content out, make sure that would you like to click your own content? Would you like to read your own content?

If the answer comes from you, “Yes,” then your content is good enough; or, if you are like too salesy, too pitchy, and when you ask yourself, “Would I like to click my content?” Answer comes: “No,” then go ahead and improve your content. Improve your copy. Make it more clickable there, you yourself would like to read your content. You yourself would like to click your post, so that is necessary.

Then, over sometime when we are doing too much. Doing, doing, doing, and technology, and we forget that we are talking to real people, with real feeling and just like us, so make sure your content as you would like to feel, to click your content yourself. If answer is, “Yes,” then you are good to go. If the answer is, “No,” then go and improve your content. Improve your post. Improve your copy, or improve your image.

Number two is content is the necessity. Content is very, very important. Content is a king, no matter what you are doing. No matter either you are promoting a product, either you are selling, either you are having a contest, content is the king. You have to create content. You have to be consistent, and you have to be putting out the content in front of your audience.

Content is always, always needed, no matter what you are doing. Either you are marketing, or you are growing your social media presence, content is always important.

Number three is social media presence. What do I mean by that? Social media presence is not only automation and putting the content out and sharing on the internet. That is not social media presence. Social media presence is when we are present there, when we are talking to people, when we are engaging with people, we are asking question to our audience, we are there to answer the question of our audience, and we are engaging consistently on everyday business.

Six marketing hacks that you can use to crush your biz 

Six online marketing hacks that you can use to crush your biz

If not, now but often, you have to be talking to your audience. You have to be answering the question. Find out what they need. You have to have a social media presence.  Not only the content is supposed to be there but you have to be yourself, present there, to talk to your people, to communicate with your people, and to engage with your people.  And to hear their stories, their pain, struggle, and then help them out.

Number four is target marketing . A target market is necessary because when we are talking to everybody we have something, product opportunity when we think that everybody is interested in that, that is not a good marketing strategy, because if you are marketing to everybody, that means you are marketing to nobody.

You have to be specific. You have to know what is your avatar, what is your target market, who you are talking to, exactly. When you know that, then you can only create the right content, then you can address your audience struggle and pains. If you are writing for everybody, then you are marketing to nobody.

Number five is follow your mentors. If we are online, we have online business, we all have mentors and we have somebody who we look up to, either they are our coaches, or either they are paid or they are unpaid. We like some people on some pages and we follow them, so follow your mentors, and stay in the loop. Stay in the group, so that you know what is going on and what kind of content they are putting on, what kind of talk is going on there.

It depends on you, which kind of mentors you like, which kind of pages you like. Follow your mentors. Copy their success. Follow their stories, and know what is going on, so that who you are looking up to, you can copy their success. You can copy … I’m not saying go ahead and copy their content, but I mean you get inspired from them, that way you create your own content. You give it a twist.

Maybe you learned something from the video from your popular leader who you are following, so get inspired and create your own content.

Number six is video. Video is already very popular. Either you are doing Facebook live or you are creating video and then uploading on the YouTube and then are using on the social media. Video is going to be a great thing in 2018, and video is must, because on the video and photos, you get more likes and comments. Use right photos and pictures and that are going to help your business.

Video is really important because video has more organic reach than the text post, or any other kind of post. Picture post is good, too, but video is on the top because video has more reach. Video has more better connection, and video makes your audience know you better, because they can fell your body language while sitting and talking, raw and real!  You are in front of the camera, not hiding anything.

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Six online marketing hacks that you can use to crush your biz 

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  1. This is very detailed article on what is important. Definitely it’s about them (the prospects) not about us. The content is king for sure but also putting yourself out there without engaging and helping is nothing but trying to be laud (get visible in the pushy way). I am looking forward to reading more of your fantastic articles.

    xoxo, Rahela

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