Live Coaching With Saravjeet Sandhu | Blog Coach

Live Coaching With Saravjeet Sandhu
Live Coaching With Saravjeet Sandhu
Live Coaching With Saravjeet Sandhu

Live Coaching With Saravjeet Sandhu | Blog Coach

I don’t know my target market.

I want to start my blog, but I do not know where to start from.

Even, I do not know what to write.

And moreover, I’m not a techy person

I want to start my blog, but I have no money

And I do not know how to get customer or clients.

I want to start my blog, but I have no energy.

So, these are the concerns, I hear every day from the people, when they hop on the strategy call with me.

These intro calls are very insightful at the same time. Here are few examples of some intro calls questionnaire:

So I hear these objections, every day. If these are your concerns or objections then, you are in the right place. This video is for you. If it is not, then do me a favor. Share it with a friend who is interested, and that way this video can help them.

So right now I am going to talk about my seven weeks live coaching, which is going to start March. So let me introduce myself first. My name is Saravjeet Sandhu and my blog is and I’m blogging coach and mastermind instructor, and my coaching is going to start in the month of March

What This Coaching Is about

So I’m going to explain right now, what is there is going to be about what is included in the coaching. This is a seven week live coaching program with me, where you’ll get coaching to start/monetize your blog, and much more. Classes are going to be in the form of live video, for consecutive seven weeks, you are going to accomplish one milestone with me. For example,

In the first week, you are going to find out your niche or your target market, and your domain name.

And in the second week, you are going to find hosting set up, WordPress and start writing your blog. Yes,  you can do this right away in the second week, you don’t have to wait until the end of the program.  You can start writing your blog right away in the second week.

In the third week, we are going to set up themes for your blog. And because there are tons of themes out there. If you do not have the right team, then your blog is not looking professional. So in the third week we are going to find a theme for your blog, and domain mapping.

Keep reading to see the next milestone..

Who exactly, seeks out a coach? …Winners who want even more out of life. Share on X

And in the fourth week, we’re going to set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. So maybe some people do not even know the meaning of these terms because you don’t hear them often. This may not even sound interesting.

But this is very important. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, because these are the tools  with which you are going to be visible worldwide. With this Google Analytics analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll will be found on google.

So we are going to set up in the fourth week, that is going to be your fourth milestone.

And in the fifth week we are going to get your freebie, and we’re going to integrate it with your blog so that you can start getting leads. So, leads means to convert them into customers by, you know, providing revenue by serving them by providing them content, which they need and solving their pains and problem. So, leads converts to customers.

And in the sixth week, I will help you set up your writing strategy that rivals the biggest writers.

I will teach you how to set up your strategy and how to set up your writing regiment so that you keep writing the relevant content and you keep serving your audience who has opted in to the freebie, and now the email list, and now you are going to serve them with content, which they need.

That means you are going to solve the problems and the challenges, you’re going to know what is keeping them up in the night time and you are going to create content around that.     


And in the seventh week, I’m going to teach you all the ways how to monetize your blog, and I’ll teach you how to create your product to sell on your website.

So these are the seven milestones, we are going to achieve in seven weeks

Plus, much, much more. These are the things I have listed, but we are going to accomplish much more things too. So, my life coaching starts in March.

And right now, enrollment is open for my program, and this program is going to be a small group from five to seven people only fierce and hungry people who want to work and achieve results. This is what I want to see, then you are working with me. I want to see hungry people who want to create results.

And we are starting this 7 weeks  live coaching in the month of March.

This is what you are going to accomplish in seven weeks. So if this is for you, then just message me or comment below the video then I will get in touch with you, and we will talk to see if this is a program for you.

I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential. Share on X

Connect with me at below channels

Or go to this link to hop on a call with me now;

And to see what I’m up-to in the meantime, connect and  follow me on Instagram HERE

So, if you have any questions, you can just drop in the comment section or DM me, I will answer. I promise I make time to answer every single question.

So see you again guys with another video, and have a great day everyone. Bye.


I’m excited and grateful to work with my first 2 cohorts who’ve joined me for my #blogtobeyourownboss starting next month.

Considering everyone needs, I’ve created  flexible payment plans too for this programs. So connect with me for all the details-

So 2 spots are filled and 3 spots are remaining, if you guys haven’t booked your Intro call with me do it now so you can secure your spot for this exciting learning journey for the best of your life!!

Live Coaching With Saravjeet Sandhu | Blog Coach

Friends, If you got any value from the video above, feel free to comment and share the post.

Saravjeet Sandhu


Author, Blogging Coach & Mastermind Instructor

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    1. Thank you for sharing Sylvia, Yes exactly coaching shortens the learning curve and quicker results. Either you’ve time to spare or money, while you’re building your skills online and creating income in your business, at the same time.

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