Just Trust The Process Of Writing | Network Marketing Tips

Just Trust The Process Of Writing | Network Marketing Tips

Just Trust The Process Of Writing | Network Marketing Tips

Just trust the process.

If you have a book inside you can start writing now. If you do not know what to write, just start writing anything. And soon you will figure out what to write. So just start the process even if it is scribble Scrabble.

If you have a book inside of you just start, do not wait for the perfect conditions to show up. And then you will start writing your book. Just start writing. Now trust the process.

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” Share on X

If you have some expertise and you want to write about it, start writing now and have some deadline to finish your book, either a long or short, just have some deadline to finish your book.

And pretty soon you will see that you have finished your book and ready to publish it. I started writing and I finished in a week because I had a deadline that I was going to start and finish my book in one month.

And even though the conditions were not permitting to publish me my book my book cover was not ready yet. And few other things were not ready but I published it since I published it the other things came along.

Hold The Vision and Trust The Process Share on X

Once you publish your your book soon you’ll be seeing book royalties too. If you keep waiting for the perfect conditions to start writing, then who know how long you’ve to wait and never start and stay where ever you’re now currently.

Just Trust The Process Of Writing | Network Marketing Tips
Just trust the process | Network Marketing Tips

Book Publishing Course I Purchased

I purchased SassyZenGirl’s 30 day book publishing course and that helped me publish my book in 30 days. SassyZenGirl aka Gundi Gabrielle is a best selling author on Amazon, and she has a superb course for writing and publishing your book on Amazon.  She has Facebook group where you can get all the help and support by her and various other authors all around the globe, so you can publish your first book within 30 days.

You can watch her webinar for free to get all the information to write and publish a book.



If you buy this book publishing course by Gundi Gabrielle, within 30 days,  through the above link, I do get commissions friends, and I already appreciate you for this, but the results depend and vary according to each persons work input and capabilities. And if you’re dedicated, you got this!


Just Trust The Process Of Writing | Network Marketing Tips

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