How To Stop Procrastination | Network Marketing Tips

How To Stop Procrastination (Today) 2020
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Today I’m going to talk about ‘How To Stop Procrastination | Network Marketing Tips.

This is Saravjeet Sandhu from saravjeetsandhunetwork.com

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I will give you three tips how to stop procrastination. Number one is having a routine. 

And I will give you all the tips right now and I will explain the details 

Number one is have a routine 

And number two is have time blocks

 Number three is have a strategy. 

So let’s explain all these three and I will expand them and then tell you exactly what does that mean. 

Number one is have a routine.

Make and develop your routine and stick with it. So, First of all, if you are not sticking with your routine, then you can fall off from the wagon to accomplish the things. Suppose you’re waking up at five o clock. 

So, one day you woke up at five o’clock, and next day you woke up at seven, and other day, you woke up at 7.30am.  So behaving like this, your routine is going to get messed up. And you are not going to get things accomplished in time. If you are making a routine that in return is going to make you get things done on schedule or faster. Suppose you’re waking up at five, so stick with routine of waking at 5am everyday or whatever time is practical for you. 

Then wake up everyday at the same time

Do not let the alarm, keep ringing and then up sleeping until seven o’clock and think that I even accomplish my things on time. So stick to the routine and either you wake up at five six or seven but ever you have made up for yourself to get up from the bed, stick with that time. 

Do that for at least for three weeks.That way, exactly that will make it a habit for you. 

For one, two or three weeks it’s going to be difficult. Once you are in the fourth week, it is going to get much easier so if you are getting uncomfortable in the first three weeks, it’s ok.  Do not stop. Stick to your routine. 

Number two is have time blocks

Second tip on how to stop procrastination is time block.  When you woke up at five o’clock and decide what time you are going to accomplish that task, either it is 9 or 10 or 11am. You have other tasks too so you have to put a time block on your calendar so that, you know that in that hour of the day, you will be accomplishing that task. 

I will give you an example for me right now I have to shift my blog, from my existing company to another hosting company because my existing hosting company has stopped posting the blogs, and so I have to shift my blog now to another new hosting company and it’s going to be probably SiteGround or someone else right no I’m not sure 

And for that I have to make up a strategy. I have to do time block.  My routine is already set, I wake up at  between 5.30am- 6am every day and same time I wake up my routine is set.

So right now I was talking the number two tip on how to stop procrastination and that’s time block.  For any task to perform efficiently, you have to build a time block on your calendar. It can be either, one hour or one and a half hour,  or two hour. If it is a two hour time period, then you’re going to break it down into smaller chunks, eg. 30 minute time period chunks. 

Usually I do 33 minutes. I have set up stopwatch on my phone. I have set up time for 33 minutes and 33 seconds. And usually when I start it says 33 minutes and 33 seconds and that is Angel number. 

And when it starts, I speak angel number and then, I start my task. After 33 minutes, the alarm goes off and then I, if I want to get up, or take a break, then I go and get a drink or water or coffee or if I don’t want to get up and I want to do another 33 minutes, then I hit another 33 minutes timer and then I finish the work. 

So this is how I do time blocks.

Third tip is have a strategy

And number three tip on how to stop procrastination dead in the tracks is having a strategy. If you write down, how you are going to accomplish it. And What kind of things and tools, you are going to use, or how many hours you are going to use, when you are going to start, when you’re going to finish, then you have a strategy. 

So if you have not written down the strategy, then it becomes a hard to accomplish the task.

Whatever task is at your hand, sit down and write the strategy for that.

For me, right now I have this major task for me to accomplish. 

And that’s transferring my blog from my current company to different new host. 

So how I will be doing it soon.  First of all, I have to find someone who has already done it so that I can communicate with them and I can follow their example. 

And I will ask how much time it took them to do it. 

But I haven’t written down my strategy so I will be writing down my strategy for that, eg. when I will be starting and approximately in how many days I will be finishing it. 

And this is what strategy means the strategy is how much time you’re going to take to accomplish it. And how much and which kind of tools you’re going to use, when you’re going to start and then you’re going to finish. So this is what strategy means, to accomplish anything and to destroy the procrastination. 


These are my three tips on how to stop procrastination. 

Number one is have a routine 

and number two is have time blocks 

and number three is have a strategy. 

So when you have all these things together, then you can destroy procrastination, and you can accomplish your task.

Bonus Tip

 I’m going to add one more thing, this is bonus tip- Do not shift, once you’ve set your goal.

Once you have a strategy. Once you have a goal. Don’t try to shift it. If suppose I want to start shifting my blog and in the in the middle, I think, Oh, I’m gonna stop now and I will do it next month. 

That way, my goal is not going to accomplish in time and plus it is going to confuse me because I broke the time flow. So, do not. Once you set up your goal to not shift it. 

If you keep shifting, you will get confused and you will not get the best result.

Here, I will give you a simple example – suppose you want to go in the kitchen and want to bake a cake or cook rice. And then you start the stove, and you put the rice and then you think, Oh, I’m not going to cook the rice, and I’m going to cook something else and you stop the stove. 

And you keep doing like that. That way, you will not be able to cook your rice. Whatever you started cooking you will not be able to cook it, and if you keep shifting and your task is not done.

By shifting too often, you’ll be wasting your time and you will be confused.

So these are my tips, and do not forget to subscribe to my channel for latest network marketing tips from me, and see you again with new video and let me know if you have subscribed to my channel then, tag me on Instagram so that I can give you a shout out on my Instagram, my Instagram handle is @saravjeetksandhu

so that I will do a shout out to grow your channel. So have a great day and I’ll see you again. Bye. 

Update: As I’m writing this post, I shifted my site/blog to new hosting company and that’s SiteGround and it’s 5-6 days ago that I started the process. And I’m glad I did it. 

If you’re looking for any help to shift to your blog, then let me know because now I know a thing or two 🙂


How To Stop Procrastination | Network Marketing Tips

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Saravjeet Sandhu

Author, Entrepreneur & Coach

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6 thoughts on “How To Stop Procrastination | Network Marketing Tips”

  1. This was super helpful. Though I’m not going to start getting up at 5! But I am a huge procrastinator and I think even employing some of these strategies will help, thanks.

  2. I just started my blog a few months ago and discovered this site just two weeks now, and wow…So grateful for you. Thanks for the post. awesome.. Mirilla

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