How to Stick to your Goals when you’re Feeling Uninspired [or Unmotivated]

How to Stick to your Goals when you’re Feeling Uninspired [or Unmotivated]

Let’s talk about how to stick to your goals when you’re feeling uninspired or unmotivated. Entrepreneurial journey can feel very lonely on some days. 

So there are days when we don’t feel like doing anything at all. Let’s look at these couple of examples that can be the reason you’re feeling unmotivated and uninspired to stick to your goals today:

Scenario #1

You woke up early in the morning 5am. 

How to Stick to your Goals when you’re Feeling Uninspired [or Unmotivated]

And you did your exercise, you got ready to sit in the office by 7 o’clock. And then something happened eg opened email box and became overwhelmed. Or a cat started crying and howling loud. Or something else happened. And now you’re totally uninspired to do anything. 

Scenario #2.

You woke up tired. You didn’t had good night sleep. Something made you toss and turn all night and finally you fell asleep in the early wee hours of the morning.

Either, you started your day on the right foot by exercising and by taking your bath and breakfast and getting ready and coming to your office early in the morning. Or you didn’t start your day on the right foot. But you’ve lost all the mojo to do anything. 

So how do you fix it.

So let’s fix this with these simple steps below: 

  1. Get away from your chair and computer 
  2. Dress up in your favorite comfortable work clothes, if you are working from home. Even if you already dressed up before entering your office. Or otherwise have little walk.
  3. Go and have a cup of tea, or coffee or with your favorite snack. Or whatever is available. 
  4. And then come back to your desk. Close your eyes and imagine a bright white or purple light entering your head and moving down and filling every cell of your body. 
  5. Put some, nice, soft work music on. 
  6. Start doing whatever you started and became unmotivated to continue. If you wanted to start a blog post, then just open your editor write something, does not matter what did you write OK.
  7. So now start with your blog post title first which you had been researching. And now, start with your blog post.  And at least, write one paragraph OK. 

Now you are all good to go. You’ve climbed your way back to doing the things you started with. A little by little you are feeling motivated. And by the end of the day, I promise you will be seeing that you finished whatever you started to do.

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Sara Sandhu

Blogging Coach & Author

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