How to Start a Blog | WordPress

How to Start a Blog | WordPress



How to Start a Blog | WordPress


In this topic ‘How to Start a Blog | WordPress’ I’m going to talk mainly about my first book, I published recently. The title of my debut book is ‘Starting a Successful Blog: Share Your Passion and Turn It into a Business.’

Writing my first book

Starting A Successful Blog: Share Your Passion And Turn It Into A Business

I published and launched my new book on December 9th.

Two months back, I had no idea that I will be writing a book and publishing a book but I did it!

How this book came into being

In October, members of my Facebook group were interested in learning about blogging so I decided to create a course about blogging but I do not know from where I got the idea that I can write a book. So as soon as I have that idea next day help appeared for me and I started writing my book.

Within two weeks I finished writing the book and on December 5th, I release the book on Amazon and on December 9th and there was my book launch it has been a very wonderful experience because since a long time where ever I used to go on goal people used to tell me you should write a book and I always laughed it away. I did not know that I will write a book but that happened so suddenly.  I got the inspiration and my drive to help my fox in my Facebook group led me to write and publish this book.


I started my Facebook group in  Feb 2018. It’s a small group but we share our struggles wins everyday either small or big. You are very welcome to checkout join and post your first blog post in my Facebook group ‘BeYourOwnBoss’ Here.

Book is Ranking #1 in many categories

My new book is ranking #1 in blogging category as of I’m writing this post and many other categories!



Links to the book on Amazon

Here is the link to both the editions of the book on Amazon;

Kindle edition

Paperback Edition





Keep On reading-How to Start a Blog | WordPress

Starting a Successful Blog: Share Your Passion and Turn It into a Business is a book about how to start your blog in a Step-by-Step process.

If you’re new to blogging and don’t know where to start from this easy Guide will provide you all the information needed to start a WordPress blog for your business.

In this book you’ll learn the following:

Step 1: Choosing a domain name for your blog/website

Step 2: Purchasing web hosting and registering a domain for your blog

Step 3: Setting up your WordPress site

Step 4: Themes and domain mapping for your site

Step 5: Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools

Step 6: Integrating with an email service provider and offering freebies

Step 7: Writing your blog and monetizing it.


Excerpts from the book

Here is the sneak peak of the content;

And on page 56 you’ll find the following;

Plenty of leads can lead to plenty of sales, not the other way around.

You won’t improve your writing skills and make money from your blog overnight, but if you apply what I teach here, be persistent, and keep honing your skills, soon you’re going to have a large following and revenue.

As Eric Worre of Network Marketing Pro says, “My world changed when I started focusing on the skills and made the commitment to practice, practice, practice until I mastered them.”

Now you know how to write an optimized, valuable blog post, and you have your writing strategy and planner, freebies, and offers.

So now blog your heart out and share on all social media platforms to grow your brand and make money.




This is what few of readers of my new book have to say on Amazon;

And I would love and appreciate your reviews too on my book!




‘Starting A Successful Blog: Share your Passion and Turn It into A Business’ Book



Download the kindle edition of the book and learn how to start a blog now!

Kindle edition is more convenient and easy to download and to read the book to grasp all the content. But Paperback version gives more thorough and deep reading to learn and imbibe all the content.

So about me, I love reading on kindle but for me holding the actual book and reading it more leisurely and peacefully gives me more satisfaction.

Let me know how do you like to read and which version you like best.

So, if you’ve any question regarding blogging, you can just reach out to me at the following email or comment in the comment section.

Holidays are just around the corner, and let the decorating and celebrating begin!


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How to Start a Blog | WordPress


Feel free to share the post and video above. I wish you happy and wonderful rest of December, and happy Prosperous New Year 2019!

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