How To Manage Friend Requests On Facebook If You Are An Entrepreneur

How to manage friend requests on Facebook if you are an entrepreneur

Today we’re talking about “How To Manage Friend Requests On Facebook If You Are An Entrepreneur.”

When you have your timeline optimized and you are providing valuable content every day on your timeline or on your page or anywhere you are on the social media, you are going to get a lot of friends requests.

When you are providing content on social media consistently and getting lot of friend requests, here are my three tips on how you can manage them efficiently.

First of all, you go and take a look at their timeline.  And after looking who they are and I usually accept.  number one rule in my how to manage friend request is, accept the request. I usually accept all the requests. There are exceptions when there is no photo on timeline or not an appropriate one.

When I go and check out some timelines and then you cannot figure out, either this is a man or a woman Then I do not accept those kind of friend requests.

Some people have set up their timeline photo of a couple and then it takes a lot of time to figure out if this is  a he or she. I do not like those kind of photos.

You have to be clear when you are sending a friend request. Your timeline has to be showing a photo of you only.

So when the photo on the timeline is clear and the timeline is clearly saying about them or their family I accept hundred percent. Some friend request have their profile photo as a flower or a pet such as dog or a cat or something else. I usually think twice for accepting those friend requests.

I’m seeing a lot of friend requests these days with caps or hats on.  Where you just see only that cap and the brand of the cap.  And you are not seeing the human beings face behind the cap.

I am not excited to accept those friends at first because I do not know Who is behind that cap. I want to make friends with people who have a face.  Who has a name. You can not make friends with a cap or with a brand. So usually you are supposed to avoid those requests and profiles.

So number one is a tip is accept the request. And exceptions when your gut is saying that you do not want to accept. when you go and look at their timeline, their profile is not even showing who they are.  It’s not optimized, then you do not accept them .

So number two is, after you accept, conversation.  sifting is going to come after you do the conversation. when you are having the conversation as you are supposed to introduce yourself and other person is supposed to be saying hi or hello back to you.

Some people, after you’ve accepted them as friends, instead of greeting or instead of saying hi or hello, they are more interested in sending the link in the messenger.

I feel that they have to learn a lot about marketing. They have to go a long way. Because that is not the way to do online marketing.  That is not the way to do network marketing.  In network marketing you have to do the work of conversations, you have to do that work of building rapport.  Nobody is interested in the link at all when you are not building a relationship first.

Through the conversation you have to find out who the other person is.  What they are doing and you have to go and check out the timeline as what it is saying about them.  Are they parents, are they in their middle age. Or they have young children or they have a job outside or they are doing online job or the entrepreneur. You have to go and check out everything.

It does not take a whole day to do that. It just takes five minutes. From their timeline, you’re  going to  learn a lot about them.

So you are going to have a conversation. After you have the conversation you find out if the person needs your help or not. Once you find out if they are having any kind of problem or difficulty, then you are going to offer your help and then you are going to show them as your presentation.

Some people are not even ready to talk at all. Or they’ve just thrown their link in the messenger. Or something else doesn’t seem appropriate, then you have to do the sifting in your list.

So when in the first shot people are sending me links, they are not my friends anymore.

Above are my three tips to manage friend requests if you are an entrepreneur or affiliate with MLM company. So number one is accept the friend request number two is conversation and number three is sifting.

So those are my three tips and would love to know how you go about it.

How To Manage Friend Requests On Facebook If You Are An Entrepreneur

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Saravjeet Sandhu

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