How to get targeted quality leads in your online business- 5 proven ways



Today I am going to talk about How to get targeted quality leads in your online business and below are my favorite and 5 proven ways! And if you want to How to Start & Monetize Your WordPress Blog (4 Video Series) then click here!


My first online lead ever was from my website blog. And that was not by chance or by luck or by coincidence or anything like that. but it was by word of mouth in my circle of friends, as I announced that I have set up a blog, here is my address, go and check out. Couple of friends went and entered their information and not only they became my leads but they became my good customers too. Your blog is a very good source of quality leads as it has selected targeted information that you have put there telling people what you are doing and what action you want them to take.

There are many more ways to produce quality leads online. But four more of my favorite ways are listed below that produce leads for my online business.


If you know how to make a pdf or cheat sheet about your target audience pain points and know how to distribute it, you can generate hundreds of leads in very short period of time. Share the genuine and authentic information without loudly promoting your services or product. If people like your info they will be curious to find out about what you do and what you promote. It works really well for  all types of business and industry. For example if in health and wellness , you can make a cheat sheet about 5 ways to lose belly fat.  Or if you are in real estate business, you can make a cheat sheet saying 10 steps to buy a new house and so on.


Your newsletter is a very good source of quality leads if you have one. Make sure you put up your sign up form everywhere where people can see it.  For example your website, your Facebook page etc. 

Make sure you don’t make your newsletter salesy and jargon type, rather share the daily, interesting, mundane info along side your business information.


As the name Insta  suggest, on Instagram people are really quick and active. Wether you want to send them to a capture page or a Facebook group to join. It brings in quality leads that already have researched about your offer or product. Make sure your wall has good graphics, beautiful pictures and interesting text with emojis, hashtags and signs which people love and makes them ready to take action. Have contests, giveaways, and virtual parties so that as many eyeballs can see and participate as possible.


Last but not the least is twitter. It produces so many leads in a short period of time that you can only dream of.  Make your tweets sing, make them interesting. Twitter is heavy on text and it moves really really fast but people love pictures too.  And moreover, pictures make your tweets stand out and noticeable if you know how to use correct pictures with the text and correct hashtags. for example if you are into network marketing then use #NetworkMarketing to attract and get leads for your niche market.


In conclusion, listed above are my 5 proven and tested ways to get leads everyday. There are many more methods to get quality leads.

Let me know which methods to generate leads are your favorite and you use for your business…

How to get targeted quality leads in your online business- 5 proven ways

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Saravjeet Sandhu

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2 thoughts on “How to get targeted quality leads in your online business- 5 proven ways”

  1. Excellent suggestions. What’s your opinion with using Facebook and also doing short webinar recordings? Sounds like email has become a thing of the past due do spam and things landing as junk.

    1. Saravjeet Sandhu

      This is an excellent method too Brett. I learned how to do webinars after sometime when I wrote this article. How is it going for you?

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