How to fix page indexing issues in WordPress

How to fix page indexing issues in WordPress

Today, I am going to show you how to fix page indexing issues in WordPress.

How to fix page indexing issues in WordPress

When you check your Google search console. And you see, your post is not indexed.  And you get the message, no-index tag found, robot txt. blocking. 

So how to fix it? Yesterday I published my new post and when I went to Search Console to check it was showing me that error. 

So I came to my WordPress dashboard and I went to settings and I went to check the settings what is going on? Then I found out something that fixed my problem, right away.

So when you see the message in Google Search Console, post is not indexed and it says no- index tag, robot txt. blocking error found. Log into and check your WordPress dashboard. 

How to fix page indexing issues in WordPress
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As you can see in the video, this is my dashboard, the backend of my WordPress site. So log into your WordPress dashboard and you go to the ‘Settings’ tab and then you click Reading tab. 

Alright, now you can see the tab – ‘Blog pages show at most’, Because yesterday, my blog pages were up-to 111 count . This is how I set it up, set it up in the beginning. But now my posts are almost 100 And I have eight pages. So right now, my pages are almost 111 So that is why the next page or blog post was not getting indexed. 

So what did I do? I changed the number to 200 over here in ‘Blog pages show at most’ tab. So right now I’m going to make the number count increase more. I’ll show you, increasing unto 333.

So you can increase this number, according to your posts. If you’ve 100 posts, then, you can increase up-to triple the amount. If you have 50 posts you can make 150. So make it almost triple the amount of the posts.

So who knows how many posts you’re gonna write in the next six months. Maybe I surpass this count 333. Then I will come back and increase over here again. 

So you have to check over here the number of posts you have set up is more than the number of posts and pages you have published. 

So another reason can be if you’re showing no-index robot txt. blocking,  ‘Search engine visibility’ tab. Now, if it is checked, then you have to uncheck it.  And this can happen only in the new website. 

But if you’re publishing regularly, publishing consistently, you have many posts on your website, then this ‘Search engine visibility’ is not going to be showing as checked. 

So I just told because this can be one of the reason that you see robot, no index meta tag. 

Definitely, my problem was over here,  in the tab – ‘Blog pages show at most’ and I have had 111 count in my WordPress dashboard. 

So you come back here you should check both these tabs:

1.’Blog pages show at most’.

2. ‘Search engine visibility’

This ‘Search engine visibility’ tab only gonna be checked when you’re starting a new website and you don’t want to be indexed. Because, may be you’re writing posts or you have no posts. Or you’re just building your website. 

So these two tabs you have to check and make sure what is going on in the backend of your website. 

And make sure when you make changes. always hit ‘save changes’. 

How to fix page indexing issues in WordPress

If you do not save changes then it is still going to show no index meta tag because I came over here, I changed my number in my reading tab. And then I forgot to hit Save. And then I went back to Google Search Console a couple of times, it was still showing the no index robot txt. blocking error. 

Make sure when you change the number here you have to hit save changes. So this is how you fix noindex page issues in WordPress.

So let me know if you have any questions regarding this and maybe I’ll be able to help you.

See you again with new video. 


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