How To Feel Not Burnt Out But More Productive

How To Feel Not Burnt Out But More Productive

So today’s topic is ‘How to feel not burnt out but more productive.’ So I’m going to give you five tips on how to feel not burnt out at the end of the day and still feeling more productive. So there is a little equation for that. And I’m going to tell you that equation that is RESET.


So R means review. So review your day what you did during the day and how you can improve it.  Always plan your day on the night before.

If you don’t know what to do during the day and you spend lot of time figuring out what to do or what to do first, it can create lot of confusion and waste of time

So once you have figured out what you’re going to do tomorrow and you have written down your tasks, there is 99% chance that  it’ll be accomplished. But if you don’t plan and don’t write down your tasks chances can be 0% that it’ll be done.

Usually at nighttime when I’m going to sleep, I say my prayer and I try to plan my day most of the time.

And sometimes when I fall asleep, so can’t plan.

I plan my day and I write down my to do list on my notepad on my cell phone

And when I wake up I have a scheduling sheet for every hour for what I’m going to  be doing. I clean my desk and keep it ready with a pen for next morning to write. if my scheduling sheet is collecting dust under the sheets of piles of other papers, obviously I’m not going to write anything.

So I clean and keep two scheduling sheets on the different corners of my desk, so i’ve no excuse. The days I forget and didn’t write down, obviously those days are not so  productive.



Next is E- easy. Be easy about taking your breaks.  When you are focusing and working on your tasks on your desk, remind yourself to take break. Don’t put your head down and keep doing, and realize you forgot your lunch or to go to the bathroom.

Make sure to add breaks in your schedule or set a timer on your phone to remind you for the breaks.

The rule is 90 minutes of focused activity and then take a short break of 5 to 15 minutes. So research and studies have shown that when you do a focused activity and then take intermittent breaks in between you are more productive.

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And then number three S – step away from all the screens, from all the laptop computers, cell phones tablets. Take a break from all the screens e.g. laptop, cell phone, desktop and tablets.

and plus I love so I’m not saying go and drive.  Do anything just to step away from all the screens. So then your mind takes a complete break and refreshes itself.

and once refreshed  then it is ready to work again.

We step away from the screens but we are still checking on emails and surfing the net here and there. If you are surfing and checking emails, during your break, do not do that. This is exactly like working and that adds to the stress.  So step away from screens completely.


And number four is E- exercise and hydrate. Do some stretches, little exercise or any aerobics or some jumping jacks.

Stay hydrated. Drink a tall glass of water and then do some form of exercise or walking or a little dance routine or any other activity.


Last one is T-tune back in to the work.

We don’t want to stay away from the work for a longer period of time. So just focus and tune back in to your tasks and plough through them.

so I’m gonna repeat all those five things and he said you your day and plan the day you plan your day ahead and he is be easy about you know taking breaks and S is step away from the screens completely. And he is exercise and hydrate and

T is tune back in. So if you keep all these five tips in mind you are going to be less burned out more productive.

And don’t forget about the meditation and stepping into nature,  these two things are always making you fulfilled because meditation makes you more fulfilled now nature obviously is always giving. Nature makes us more fulfilled.  All these screens take away our energy.  And nature and meditation always fill you up.  So don’t forget the importance of practicing them too.

So if you keep this little equation-RESET- in your mind, these tips are going to help you to be less burnt out and more productive.

Let me know what are your tips to stay more productive during the day.

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How To Feel Not Burnt Out But More Productive

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