How To Choose Your Domain Name/Niche

How To Choose Your Domain Name or Niche
How To Choose Your Domain Name or Niche
How To Choose Your Domain Name or Niche

My blog’s name is So Doesn’t it sound a little bit too long? Let me explain how I chose my domain and in this post I’ll explain a criteria for how to choose your domain name or niche for your website.

I started my new site in Oct. 2016.

And when it was time for me to select my domain name, I decided to buy from to

Because there are many dot com registrar where you can register your name and choose your domain name.

I chose And when I went there, I had to decide,  which name I’m going to choose for my site.

There is a criteria when you have to choose your blog or domain name/niche.  You either go with the product or your service or your legal name. So I decided that I’m going to choose my blog with my own name, because at that time, I had no product of my own.

And I was not decided yet which kind of products I’m going to sell on my blog. I had a faint idea, but I was not very clear. So I decided that I’m going to go ahead and use my name, to choose my domain name.

So when  I typed, it was not available. I played around, I typed It was not available. I played around for a while with short names but no luck.

And I was trying to find short names for my domain. But unfortunately, I’m not gonna say unfortunately, but that time, this is what I was feeling. The short name was not coming up, they were not available.

So I said, what I’m going to do so and there was one name over there. And I kind of liked it.

And at the same thing, I was thinking, gosh, this is like too long. It’s gonna look like it’s such a long name because my name is already long name.

But only thing that will make me hesitant to buy was because it was long. But I went online and I read somewhere that doesn’t matter, you can buy the long name. And it is not going to hurt you.

So I thought okay, here here is a green flag because in my heart I liked that name. But the only thing was making me hesitant to buy was the fear that it is going to look like too long name so people are not even going to remember it.

This is what I thought. But then I read it and it says you can go ahead and buy anyways not gonna hurt you.

So I still I wanted to make double sure, that this is the right name for me. Hence, I picked up the phone and I called my front door neighbor.

I said, Can you come over here I have to you know, brainstorm with you something. And she came by and I showed her the name. And she said it looks good.

We had a nice cup of tea and biscuits and then she left and I purchased my domain name So to cut the long story short, I was liking it in the back of my head.

My Story

And the reason I found out later on, because it was saying Saravjeet Sandhu and it was sounding like some kind of you know, large network, The network is like supposed to be over the waves, or something like that, right…

Because when I was growing up, in India, and my father was a jail Superintendent. So on every Sunday, we used to have American shows streaming on the TV.

We will sit and watch for one hour it was like first MTV will come with Madonna singing and dancing and then some show will come either I Love Lucy or or Spider Man or the other show into the space show What was the name?  Captain Kirk, I forgot the name right now.

So, those show would alternate on the TV every Sunday and we will sit and watch. Well, I used to love the show Spiderman so you know the debut song when the show opens a spider man Spider Man, here comes the spider man.

This show was very intriguing and the song was very interesting when the spider man throws net with his hands over the tall long buildings.

I guess those buildings could have been in Manhattan, I live 10 minutes away from downtown Manhattan in New York,  kind of funny. So you see in this story is still exciting me. (The airplane is going up in the sky, as I’m talking, a good sign!)

Because I love Spider Man. And that made me like and help choose a name for my blog. So at that time, I was not sure, but I chose the domain name. So you do the same thing, Go ahead and choose a name for your domain, it will all fall into the place.

Either you go by the product or service or you do the keyword research. doing the research is a kind of little bit boring for me. But if you want to make money asap then you have to do that and choose the proper name for your product or service or whatever you’re selling.

But I went with my name, so I chose my name and my I ended up with a long name. Saravjeet Sandhu I chose my domain name because I love Spider-Man, that’s my story.

This is my little story behind choosing my domain name.And my niche got decided later on as I progressed in writing posts. So at that time I was in India and right now it’s almost three decades, I’m here in New York.

So there you have it – my story and my criteria on how to choose your domain name/niche. 

Let me know, how did you liked it?

And I wish you a happy blogging journey and I help moms to start their blog. I would love your feedback on this story. And, If you have any question or concern regarding how to choose your domain name/niche then comment in the comment section.

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So I will see you in the next episode. Bye

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How To Choose Your Domain Name/Niche

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