How To Change AUTHOR Name (From email) | WORDPRESS

How To Change Author Name WordPress

Today I’m going to show you How To Change AUTHOR Name (From email) | WORDPRESS . As you might know that I shifted my blog from my previous hosting company to Siteground

And I shifted all the posts, all the content, from one hosting to another.

How To Change AUTHOR Name (From email) | WORDPRESS 2020

And while shifting, all my posts were showing, my gmail as an author name, instead of my real name.

It was showing written by saravjeetsandhu@gmail not as written by Saravjeet Sandhu. So I wanted to change that.

And I googled how to do that. I followed a lot of videos and still I was not able to do it.  But I found a way right now. And so I want to show you guys how you can do that.


So that you will not go through the same frustration as I did in spending five six hours to find out how to How To Change AUTHOR Name (From email) | WORDPRESS 

May be you want to change the author’s name on all of your posts, or a single post.  Or maybe you have some Astra theme or some other theme. Or you are using Elementor tool. Still, this is the trick which I’m going to show you it works for everything, for how you can change the name of the author on all your post at once. You don’t have to go one by one, and fix individual posts.

Because I have so many posts. And I thought I have to change the name of author from my gmail to my real name on all posts one by one. But thank God I didn’t have to do that.

Right now I’m going to show you how to change your name, then automatically all your posts are going to show your name as an author in your WordPress.  Obviously, If you have written all those posts. 

So let’s go.

Log into your WordPress

Just log into your WordPress account, you can see over here this is my WordPress account.

(Watch the video below for clear instructions.)

Go to the section where it says ‘Dashboard’ on the left hand side.  Click Users, and now you’re going to see your Profile. So click on this Profile.

Once you click on your profile, scroll down.  And make sure your user name is your correct name. ‘Display name publicly’  tab is showing your correct name not your gmail account.

This was empty over here, my last name was not there only. Over here it was displaying Saravjeet [email protected], that is why all my posts was showing my email address as author.

Make sure and fill all these fields with your correct credentials eg. first name, last name etc. And I did not change my nickname in Nickname tab, I just kept the same name as my nickname, because I did not knew, how it’s going to affect my posts.  So I just kept the same name.  Here you can do the same thing.

So, right now, this is the correct name for my posts as an author. Because all those posts are written by me. I am the author of all my posts. Down below, you’re going to see Email  tab( the email section) and leave as its.

Don’t forget to save these changes

After making all the changes make sure you scroll all the way down and hit Update Profile,. That means you are saving it.

After updating your profile, when you go back to see all of your posts. Then you are going to see your author name as your name, not your email account.

So right now, I fixed this. But before all the posts were showing by [email protected] and I did not want it to keep that.  So I wanted to change that. And that took me four or five hours to figure out and correct this problem.

So this is how you can change your author name from your email, to your correct name. So, if you have any question while doing this, let me know. Then, I will answer. And it was related to this.

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So, now you know exactly, How To Change AUTHOR Name (From email) in WORDPRES

See you soon, Bye!

How To Change AUTHOR Name (From email) | WORDPRESS 

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