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I started making youtube videos in late 2010. After I returned from my vacation in Dominican Republic with my beautiful family of four. Since my school-time I had been an excellent writer, as all my friends will take my notes home as soon as I got them back from my teachers after grading. I majored in science and english literature. And my first job was as a high school teacher but then worked in family business for a long time. 

I knew I could express myself very good but never wrote anything professionally. But after returning from my vacation, had a lot of stuff bubbling in me ready to rise and started my own youtube channel. And made some vacation videos and other. I love my Jones beach, the ocean and the boardwalk, made a video of that too.

One day online, I stumbled upon a video of Abraham Hicks. And liked it very much and started making Abraham Hicks videos with the help of a good friend. Abraham teaches Law of Attraction and positivity and it is very interesting for your growth and happiness.

At that stage of my life my main agenda was how to feel more fulfilled and happy not angry or depressed or unhappy, as I read many books eg. The Art of happiness  By Dalai Lama, The Seat of The Soul by Gary Zukav, Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen and Chicken Soup for the Soul etc.

Abraham teachings are very superb and practical. And to teach others whatever I was learning, I started my Facebook page as Allow Happiness.

Everything was going ok in my life and my children were grown up and going to best college, achieving good results. All of a sudden my son had a huge car accident.  And that created a storm in our lives and ground shook under my feet as I never faced any adversity like this before in my life. But I had a faith that everything is going to workout.

In the middle of everything, I fell down in snowstorm in windy city Chicago while I was visiting my daughter and flew from here- New York. I had no choice but to rest on the sofa for 3-4 days. And was spending most of my time on the laptop.

Every time I was on Facebook, Doreen Virtue’s- (the Angel Lady) course -Assertiveness for Earth Angels, which she was offering online, would pop up in front of me. I joined and finished the online course and loved it very much.

Slowly and slowly every piece in my life started to fall back into place. As if, I learned how to die and live back again.

Then I pursued Doreen virtue’s every course and learned more about angels and spirituality. Luckily she was in Louise Hay’s ‘I can Do It 2014’ concert in New York City. So, I had the chance to attend and meet her. And I started my own online business as an Angel Therapist and Happiness Coach.

Thereafter, in Oct 2016 I started my blog and learned  ways to grow and market my biz and products. I learned how to grow my social media presence and grow my online business. 

For a short period I wasn’t very clear and focused on how to grow my online business as an entrepreneur. But gradually I found direction and strategies to grow.  And now helping others do the same eg. start and monetize their blog with different ways.

Now I’m on a mission to help other women with starting their blog. And finding ways to make money with their blog by sharing their passion or expertise. 

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Saravjeet Sandhu

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