Good Friday Is Today! – Siri

This is Good Friday Today!

Oh, yesterday couple of things happened which I didn’t liked. I was wondering why those happened. And today everything is working in my favor, I’m so happy. So, Why everything so good happening , one after another, to me today. I wondered. So I googled. And found out it is Good Friday Today! – Siri said. Well, no wonder I’m feeling so good, peaceful, blessed and happy…

Cherry Blossom in NY

Right now coming back from service station and got my inspection sticker done. Stopping in the middle of the road to take a photo of this breathtaking cherry blossom in Queens, New York. And getting the idea that I want to write a new blog post about this day today, how it is making me feel. So publishing this photo!

Isn’t this so splendrous?

A very beautiful view, even though it’s cloudy today in New York.

This month of April is reminiscent of resurrection and celebration. Cherry Blossom is conveying that very elegantly.

While at the mecedez-benz service station, I was writing my to do list after finishing my work from this place. And finishing my blog post, which I started earlier this week, was on top of my list. But this beautiful view of the cherry blossom, everything else good happening to me, made me change my topic and write about today.

Actually I had my car serviced a couple of months ago. And forgot to mention the renewing of the sticker, and Jackie my good friend at the service station obviously forgot too. So, I was all relaxed that everything is good with my car, since I’ve gotten all the things done in the beginning of this year. I didn’t even knew my inspection sticker is expired, until I got a parking ticket and an expired inspection sticker ticket at the Park Ave in NY City.

And today early morning at 5am I decided that I’ll get my new inspection sticker.

Good Start

I had my Epsom salt and Eucalyptus oil bath, recommended by my doc, made me feel very good early in morning. I headed to the mercedez-benz service station, after my morning smoothie in my Stanley cup. And at the shop I waited for 1 hour for my new sticker. And Jackie, my service station rep, told me I don’t have to pay anything. Yay, that made my day!

I drove off so happily and after couple of miles this cherry blossom beauty shows up. I clicked and ordered and picked my lunch from my fav vegetarian place.

It Is Good Friday- Siri said

And I sat at my desk after lunch but didn’t feel like writing, and finishing the earlier post. but I was feeling so happy and blessed. And wanted to know which day is today. As I had the idea that Easter and Vaisakhi, a punjabi festivals are in this month.

So I asked Siri what day is today and she said It is Good Friday and I laughed no wonder I’m feeling very good.

So friends comment, how is your day going today- curious.

Happy Good Friday to everyone!

And upcoming Easter and Happy Vaisakhi, everyone celebrating.

And stay tuned for my next coming up blog post.

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