Why you should be doing Facebook Live Video for your home business

Why you should be doing Facebook Live Video for your home business

When I started in internet marketing in Oct 2016, my mentor told me to do Facebook live video. But I was not comfortable at all. Then one day I decided that I” do a video today. It can be just saying hell o to my friend, if not a long video. So I did a live video and then next day I did again. And I felt, I was connecting better with my audience through the live video. And eventually I started doing live video more often. And saw many benefits. So today I am talking about 6 main reasons , ‘Why you should be doing Facebook Live Video for your home business.’

Grow and Engage you Fan Base

Video moves really faster than text. When you are live, people scrolling through the Facebook are more likely to tune in.  They say, 93% of communication is non verbal. Moreover 60% of people are visual learners. If your video has likes and comments than it is circulating more faster and more eyeballs are looking at your valuable content.

So you can get more leads, more friend requests and more page likes when doing live videos. Your fan and friend base is growing faster. Soon you are able to interact with them through messenger or many chat.

Better exposure to your Brand

If you are trying to build your brand and lot of people don’t know yet who you are, you have to do a lot of lives so that you can get exposure. Do live everyday, to get your breakthrough. You should be doing live everyday, doesn’t matter how long you are doing may be 2, 5 10 or 20 minutes. Do a Facebook live video everyday about whatever. It can be something about you learned or failure or something else.

And try to do around the same time everyday, so that your audience is looking for you at the specified time for your live video.

Interact Directly

While going live you are able to ask question and give answers. You are interacting in real time with the people at the other end of your camera. They can ask question directly for the topic you are discussing.

Instant Results- Get More Leads and Sales

Using live video enables you to get more leads and sales, as you get breakthrough with the Facebook live challenges. 5 day and 10 day challenges are very popular right now.

And I’m having good results with these challenges. Lot of people I know are getting good results too, in leads and sales!

One thing that really going to help is your frequency of live video. As you do more lives more better you get and more videos you produce with valuable content.

Save your video for watching later

After finishing your your live Facebook gives you the option to download and save your video for in your photo library so that you and your friends and fans can watch later on too.

Repurpose your video content

You can use your Facebook live videos on  other platforms too after repurposing your content. For example I use most of the times my live videos for my blog topics on my website.

And currently I am doing 10 day Facebook Live Video Challenge. If you want to start your own Live challenge then join my Group Here and I’ll get you started with each day topics and instructions.

Now, lets talk about some important tips to go live on Facebook now;

 Tips to do Facebook Live Video

  1. Tell your friends and audience that you are going to go live 5-10 minutes before going live.
  2. Write a compelling title or description for your live, so that people like to tune in.
  3. Invest in a stand or tripod for your phone so that you are hands free and stable at the camera.
  4. Your wifi connection should be strong without any interruptions.
  5. Say hello to your audience, address them with their first name for better interactions.
  6. Professional look-Your video get more views when they have a more professional and clean look. Your desk should be organized and clean. Your background can have organized items and books etc.  And  your lighting should be good and appropriate for the videos.

When you are doing a live video, you are basically telling a story. There are mainly four kinds that you can use to tell your story.

          Four Types of stories

Educational/ Informative



Experiential/Where you are/ Who you’re with/What you’re doing

Keep on reading ‘Why you should be doing Facebook Live Video for your home business.

You don’t need any fancy or costly equipment to do your Facebook live videos. You can go live simply from any kind of device you have.

For example any cell phone such as iPhone or Android or your tablet or mac or your desktop by clicking the small red video icon in your status update menu. This Live Script Formula below is going to help you with the sequence when you are going live on the Facebook.

        The Live Script Formula

Tease- Tell the audience what they’ll get from your Live. This is good for replay viewers.

Introduce Yourself- Who you are? Why you’re talking about this topic?

Ask For Engagement- Ask for sharing the video or subscribing to your Live so that they get notification when you go live next time.

Value- After the above steps start sharing your content. with your audience.

Give value Tip 1 / step 1/ Part1

Engage- Ask question or ask your audience to comment.  Read, while comments are posted and answer questions.

Value– keep giving value- Tip2/ step 2/ Part 2

And most of your interactions, probably are going to come from after your live has ended.

Repeat- People come to the live in different times you repeat the topic and value so that they are in too and they understand too what you are saying.  You just have to do quick recap. Don’t have to go in details when you are recapping for new people who are hoping on

Call to Action- Give a strong call to action whatever it is. May be to inbox you, or like the video or download a freebie you are giving.

 Promote your FB Live Videos

Last but not the least, you should be promoting your live videos as much as possible. You can share in relevant Facebook groups for your content to be seen. For more exposure be consistent in sharing your videos.

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Why you should be doing Facebook Live Video for your home business

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Saravjeet Sandhu

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