DotComSecrets Book Review | The Secret Formula

DotComSecrets Book | The Secret Formula

Today, I received my package in the mail. And I’m going to open right now. Actually, this is my DotComSecrets book. I ordered on Black Friday. So I’m writing this post; DotComSecrets Book Review | The Secret Formula.

This book is about how you can improve your website’s low traffic and weak conversion problems with The Secret formula, funnels, scripts and lot more.

DotCom Secrets is a free book by Russell Brunson but you’ve to pay for shipping and handling.

Usually my black Friday shopping is about my wardrobe but this year I did not buy anything for me but I bought for my business, this book. And I bought and traffic secrets course that came along with this book.

So right now I am going to open this and going to share with you guys what is inside this book,

I’ve heard a lot about this DotCom Secrets book and everyone who read this book, recommends that this book is a must if you want to grow your company or build your business.

So I finally ordered this book and received today.

Even though I did the one funnel away challenge. And, but I wanted to read this book too.  And this book is about the secret formula and funnels. So, I’m going to read a random page with you guys, so that you know what kind of book this is.

Today’s Read & Notes

So let’s open any page inside the book. And so this is page number 15.

So today. Forgive me, the quality of the video, lighting or anything else or voice. Because today, my thermostat broke down.

Actually yesterday and the guy came to fix it, but I still have no heat, he’s gonna come back tomorrow and fix it so but I want to make the video and I want to finish the video, so that I don’t get cold,

But I’m going to read the content of DotCom Secrets book with you guys. So I hope my voice and everything is good, but I will be checking that later on.

How to read this blog post-

Remember when you see the quoted text, that is the text I’m reading and when you see the other text, that’s me talking, so let’s read!

So, The Secret Formula and this is page number 15 of Dotcom secrets book.


“The secret formula, and it is really the first step that you have to take before you can grow any company.”

So, let me explain what is the secret formula.

“Secret formula consists of four simple questions. These are the same four questions that I ask anyone who hires me for personal consultation.”

So this book is by Russell Brunson. And when he’s saying “I” obviously he is talking about himself.

So he says, I ask these four questions, whenever somebody hires him for consultation.

“At the time of writing, companies pay me twenty-five thousand dollars per day to help them understand and implement this formula, and the funnels and script inside of this book. Now while I know you did not pay anywhere near 25,000, to learn this information and go through this process. I recommend you treat this and all of the exercises inside of this book, as if you didn’t invest the full amount.

Oh It’s a good scenario.

“If you do, you will get a lot more out of the process. I’m going to take you through, and this book will become like a private twenty-five thousand dollar consultation with me.”

Oh, very nice. So my black Friday purchase is really precious. Right…

“So okay let me walk you through the process.

Question #1 Who is your Dream Client?”

And now I’ll disclose all the four question to you that are crucial to the growth of any company or business according to Russel Brunson and then I’ll read the explanation for the question #1

“Question #2 Where can you find them.”

This is the tough part.

You’ve to do a lot of work to find your ideal client. So, that is question number two.

“Question #3: What Bait Will You Use To Attract Them?”

Bait here means your freebie or whatever three stuff. eg lumpy mail etc. you’re offering to attract.

“Question #4: What Results Do You Want To Give Them”

This means, Which kind of value, you will be providing to your ideal client.

So, these are the four questions, you must ask yourself for growing your business

That is a secret sauce for any company to go big. Right?

So let me talk about the question number one.

Who is your dream client.

“The first question will have to ask yourself is, who do I actually want to work with.

Most of us start with a product idea, never thinking about who we want as customers, vendors and associates. But these are the people you will be interacting with day in and day out.”

Let me add on my perspective here. Obviously when we start our business or a new company, we

want to work with anyone who wants to work with us, because we want our first clients.

And we want to take our business off the ground.

So in the beginning, you want to work with anybody and everybody.

But as you get some results, then you have to think about who you want to work with,

Who is going to make your company ascend. So, basically this is what he’s talking about.

Focus on the people you want to attract to your business and they will come. Click To Tweet

“You will probably spend more time with these people than your own friends and family. You choose your significant other carefully so why wouldn’t you take the time and care in deciding who your dream client or customer will be? If you are just getting started, this may not seem important.”


“But I promise you that if you don’t consciously choose your dream client, one day would wake up, just like I did, working with people who exhaust you and wishing that someone could fire you from the business you created.”

This is exactly how I feel when I go on my Facebook group, and I see people from different parts of the world and they will not even speak English. And they have no photo or logo on their profile.

And they want to join my group. I just want to close the group, or disappear because with these kind of people who want to do business? Looking at their profile, they don’t seem like ideal people to work with.

This is how I feel.

“After I had successfully launched my first company. a lot of people took notice of my success online and started asking me how I was making money. Because I saw the demand, I thought it would be fun to teach other, how to start a business online.”

So I’m not going to read the whole DotCom Secrets book right now, but I gave you the taste of this book.  And

I cannot wait to dig into the book, and the contents. As soon as I finish reading.

I will be sharing some more value about this DotCom Secrets book with you guys and I will put the link below if you want to get a free of DotCom Secrets book through my link.

Here is the link to DotCom Secrets book;


But, doesn’t matter if you buy it or not I will still share the value with you in the upcoming videos.

So, it’s very cold in New York right now and I hope tomorrow my thermostat is fixed, and then I am good to go.

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So see you again, and have a great day.


DotComSecrets Book Review | The Secret Formula

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