Secret of MLSP-An Excellent system to build your network marketing business fast on auto-pilot

Here is a video I cut recently about MLSP at my Fb live, it might provide you all the information you’re looking to get leads and sales for your home-business!
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Secret of MLSP-An Excellent system to build your network marketing business fast on auto-pilot
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Saravjeet Sandhu

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Secret to Twitter Lead Generation- Twitter Lead Machine Training





There are many ways to generate leads on twitter for entrepreneurs. But let me ask you, how are you doing in generating leads on twitter if your trying to build your home business on twitter? Twitter Lead Machine training is an excellent source to generate abundance of leads online.

Doesn’t matter if you are getting 1, 3 or 10 or more leads everyday but how many are willing to join your team.Twitter Lead Machine  training is a very precise training for generating leads online and prospecting to build your team on twitter.

There are two ways to generate quality leads with Twitter Lead Machine. First is Passive Marketing strategy and another is Active Prospecting strategy. below is an overview of both the methods inside the Twitter Lead Machine Training.

Passive Marketing Strategy is where quality content is going out on auto-pilot. It is going out to your followers and many non-followers. It’s going out to the audience at the scheduled intervals of time during the 24hrs. It builds your audience on auto-pilot and brings leads to you.

All the tweets have hashtags and images in them as it brings 80% click through rates and more chances of being retweeted. Imagine if you’ve more than one account how many people are looking your content on a daily basis, if you’re doing regular follows and unfollows.

Actively prospecting on twitter is actually attracting prequalified leads to you that came through your desired filters and settings and responding  to them. It’s a prospecting strategy to get leads on demand.

Twitter is flooded with automated messages, so trick is to make your message stand out to get a response for your particular audience and connecting with them personally and actively to recruit. Engaging in  conversations to create a business relationships is what leads to the actual results here.

If you want to roll your sleeves up and get the work done to build your team on twitter, then you might want to take a look HERE


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How to get targeted quality leads in your online business- 5 proven ways



Today I am going to talk about How to get targeted quality leads in your online business and below are my favorite and 5 proven ways!


My first online lead ever was from my website blog. And that was not by chance or by luck or by coincidence or anything like that. but it was by word of mouth in my circle of friends, as I announced that I have set up a blog, here is my address, go and check out. Couple of friends went and entered their information and not only they became my leads but they became my good customers too. Your blog is a very good source of quality leads as it has selected targeted information that you have put there telling people what you are doing and what action you want them to take.

There are many more ways to produce quality leads online but 4 more of my favorite ways are listed below that produce leads for my online business.


If you know how to make a pdf or cheat sheet about your target audience pain points and know how to distribute it, you can generate hundreds of leads in very short period of time. Share the genuine and authentic information without loudly promoting your services or product. If people like your info they will be curious to find out about what you do and what you promote. It works really well for  all types of business and industry. For example if in health and wellness , you can make a cheat sheet about 5 ways to lose belly fat or if you are in real estate business, you can make a cheat sheet saying 10 steps to buy a new house and so on.


Your newsletter is a very good source of quality leads if you have one. make sure you put up your sign up form everywhere where people can see it, for example your website, your Facebook page etc.  make sure you don’t make your newsletter salesy and jargon type, rather share the daily, interesting, mundane info along side your business information.


As the name Insta  suggest, on Instagram people are really quick and active. Weather you want them to send them to a capture page or a Facebook group to join you, it bring in quality leads that already have researched about your offer or product. Make sure your wall has good graphics, beautiful pictures and interesting text with emojis, hashtags and signs which people love and makes them ready to take action. Have contests, giveaways, and virtual parties so that as many eyeballs can see and participate as possible.


Last but not the least is twitter. It produces so many leads in a short period of time that you can only dream of.  Make your tweets sing, make them interesting. Twitter is heavy on text and it moves really really fast but people love pictures too, they make your tweets stand out and noticeable if you know how to use correct pictures with the text and correct hashtags. for example if you are into network marketing then use #NetworkMarketing to attract and get leads for your niche market.

How to get targeted quality leads in your online business- 5 proven ways

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Saravjeet Sandhu

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What is Law of Attraction? How to use effectively to grow your online biz


How to effectively use to grow your online biz

The Law Of Attraction (LOA) is the belief that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on. It is believed by many to be a universal law by which “Like Always Attracts like.” The results of positive thoughts are always positive consequences. The same holds true for negative thoughts always leading to bad outcomes.

For me law of attraction is I attract whatever I feel not whatever I say. If you are in network marketing just like me, then you already know how important it is to attract and generate leads.  And grow your team. Law of attraction is your manager, making sure to bring you more of what you are feeling. If you are feeling good about yourself and and about what you do, you’ll attract more of that, even though circumstances around you may not be favorable.

Think of the universe like a big huge restaurant where you place your order when you are hungry. When you are really hungry your mouth is watering for your favorite recipe and you order it with all those feelings and your order shows up and you enjoy it. This is where feeling are very important when you are visualizing your goals. Already feel how it would feel like when you’ve achieved your goal.

For example if you want to buy or built a house you have liked, feel what it would be like when you are inside that house. How excited you will be when you see those  marble floors in kitchen.  And wood floors in your living room and what kind of furniture you will be putting there. By doing this you already have sent out your signal or message in the universe and law of attraction will be working for you behind the scene non stop by bringing you more of that.

Online marketing can be very dry, monotonous and boring sometimes. I know we all are working hard to achieve our goals. But working smart would be to incorporate those feelings too, that we feel in the real time when we’ve accomplished that landmark of 10 or 100 or 1000 leads or more and that can only happen by relaxing and visualizing. Feeling, visualizing and law of attraction are all interconnected to prepare the order which you have placed in the universe.

What is Law of Attraction? How to use effectively to grow your online biz!

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Saravjeet Sandhu

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Grow Your Networking Business With Saravjeet Sandhu

I started making youtube videos in late 2010. After I returned from my vacation in Dominican Republic with my beautiful family of four. Since my school-time I had been an excellent writer, as all my friends will take my notes home as soon as I got them back from my teachers after grading. I majored in science and english literature. And my first job was as a high school teacher but then worked in family business for a long time.

I knew I could express myself very good but never wrote anything professionally. But after returning from my vacation, had a lot of stuff bubbling in me ready to rise and started my own youtube channel and made some vacation videos and other. I love my Jones beach, the ocean and the boardwalk, made a video of that too.

One day online, I stumbled upon a video of Abraham Hicks. And liked it very much and started making Abraham Hicks videos with the help of a good friend. Abraham teaches Law of Attraction and positivity and it is very interesting for your growth and happiness.

At that stage of my life my main agenda was how to feel more fulfilled and happy not angry or depressed or unhappy, as I read many books eg. The Art of happiness  By Dalai Lama, The Seat of The Soul by Gary Zukav, Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen and Chicken Soup for the Soul etc.

Abraham teachings are very superb and practical. And to teach others whatever I was learning, I started my Facebook page as Allow Happiness.

Everything was going ok in my life and my children were grown up and going to best college, achieving good results. All of a sudden my son had a huge car accident and that created a storm in our lives and ground shook under my feet as I never faced any adversity like this before in my life. But I had a faith that everything is going to workout.

In the middle of everything, I fell down in snowstorm in windy city Chicago while I was visiting my daughter and flew from here- New York. I had no choice but to rest on the sofa for 3-4 days and was spending most of my time on the laptop. Every time I was on Facebook, Doreen Virtue’s- (the Angel Lady) course -Assertiveness for Earth Angels, which she was offering online, would pop up in front of me. I joined and finished the online course and loved it very much. Slowly and slowly every piece in my life started to fall back into place- like I learned how to die and live back again.

Then I pursued Doreen virtue’s every course and learned more about angels and spirituality. Luckily she was in Louise Hay’s ‘I can Do It 2014’ concert in New York City, and I had the chance to attend and meet her. And I started my own business as an Angel Therapist and Happiness Coach.

I was introduced to this new platform by a good friend, as I was learning  ways to grow and market my social media presence.

Until now I wasn’t very clear and focused on how to grow my business as an online entrepreneur but success stories of members and my own experience with This System has given me new passion, direction, which I was looking for a long time, to grow my business and teach others the same thing. I’m very sure what you are looking out for to grow your business online, you will find it here.


Saravjeet Sandhu

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