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Do you ever wonder what to post today and right now I’m going to give you tips so that you will not have to worry about what you are going to post, either on Facebook or any other social media. . Let’s dive in the topic ‘Best Post for Facebook | Six Types of Posts For Social Media.’ These tips are mainly for Facebook, but you can apply these same tips on other social media too.

The goal of any post is to get more people to show interest and raise their hand, either it’s a product or opportunity you’ve to offer. Posts are good for both the purposes, prospecting and marketing.

Always remember that marketing is passive where you’re posting something and hoping someone to respond to that. But prospecting is when you’re reaching out to someone to see if they’re interested in what you’ve to offer. This is different that you can get automatic signups too with your content sometimes, as I got on twitter few times!

So when we are posting we always want that our post should be liked by everyone. Everyone should comment on our post, so that we have lot engagement on our post.
So do not just hope that. Now I’m going to give you exact tips, when you post you are going to see lot of engagement on your posts.

So what to post? I’m going to give you six types of posts that you can post that are going to give you lot of engagement.

1. So number one is Value Post
On top of my list of best post for Facebook is ‘Value Post’. Everybody says always post valuable content. But what is a valuable content. I’m going to break down for you. When your post is providing a solution to some specific problem in your niche, then your post is a value post.

Suppose, someone is scrolling though in the Facebook newsfeed and they see the answer they are looking for, then your post is a value post. you are providing valuable content in the form of answer to question someone is frustrated with. When somebody has a challenge, and your content is providing the answers, then your content is valuable content

So, your valuable content is addressing some pains, some challenges, some frustration of your target market. That way your prospects are going to like your post. And they will be waiting for your next for post that which kind of solution you’re going to provide in your next post.

So they are waiting for you, you do not have to keep thinking, when you post content, that who is going to like your post. Right people will be attracted to your valuable content. And that’s called attraction marketing.

If your value post is a Facebook Live video, or recorded one, then you can use this simple format
Call to action

Live video can be intimidating first but as you practice it can bring results faster in your business.
As this is very true;

‘The most money is made outside your comfort zone”

The most money is made outside your comfort zone. Click To Tweet

2. Engagement post.
Engagement post are designed to get engagement on your post from people who are connected to you. There are many ways to create engagement on your post. For example you you can ask question for help where you’re looking for other people’s input.
Or you can engage people on the post with fill in the blanks sentence. For example;

My favorite book is________________

Your favorite food is _______________

You can post a photo and ask for the best caption. That can be a an easy and fun way to engage and interact

3. Number three is a Result or Recognition post.

You can do a post with the results in your business for yourself or a friend or a colleague. How it has changed your life.
Before and after is good way of showing results.
For example;

“Congratulation to Sarah, who just earned a cruise trip to Bahamas. She was was working at 9-5 job in a healthcare company. But she decided to quit and start her own home business. And now she has a big team within 2 years, all over the world. She has recruited more than 100 people in her team and has been awarded for that.
Sarah did it, if you’re curios about this, feel free to private message me.”

You can do recognition post either for your team member. Providing social proof on social media is an excellent way to attract and recruit prospects. Because people are looking for the social proof that how it has changed their life.
Social proof creates curiosity, and curiosity is the biggest motivator for prospects to take action and join your team.

So that makes a good social proof and that makes prospects signup with you. So that is called the recognition post.

4. Number four is Story post.

As the name says it is this kind of story but it ends with a call to action. It’s not just a story that you just post and people are going to like and engage right away. Simple but effective method is you have to have a interesting headline.

You are supposed to be doing a catchy headline with the story post because then everybody scrolling through, they are looking at the first line. Use a catchy headline that everybody like to stop and read the story and look at the photo.

For example;
“This Live event changed my life.”
Tell what was it about and how you attended it and what happened in the event. Who did you meet there and how excited you were. How did you find your first mentor, while attending the event…

The more dramatic and life changing the better.

Story can be your struggle and challenges you’ve overcome, real and authentic.
So a story post can be either your own story or somebody else story.

5. Next one is Lifestyle post

Next best post for Facebook is life style post. Story post and Life style post can be similar but they are different. So lifestyle post is about is your life. If you are an online business owner or home business owner or online entrepreneur then mainly you are in lifestyle business. You are showing how your lifestyle has changed by being a business owner.

For example you quit your 9-5 job to be an entrepreneur to pursue your time freedom and financial freedom. Before you were in a rut and unhappy at your job and now you’re enjoying being your own boss and helping others do the same, with new skills you’ve acquired now.

So mainly if you are showing your lifestyle, you are truthful, you don’t have to lie about anything. Another example, If you are in health and wellness, then you can say, before you were eating junk food most of the times and now you are not eating junk foods.

You are finding and eating a nutritional recipes. And you’re sharing with your friends too. This is how your life is improving, your family’s health is improving because as you are now using nutritional recipes not junk foods.

So this is lifestyle post if you have a family you can post about your family. if you have children you can post about your children’s life. And if you have pets, you can do post about them too.

6. And last one is Call to action post.

Last but not the least best post for Facebook is ‘Call To Action posts. They are mainly promotional posts. And in those posts you are always going to have a call to action. And you can mix it with engagement post and have call to action.

Either you’re promoting your opportunity or you’re promoting some product, so these posts are suppose to have a call to action. So that people can click and see the sales page. You can be promoting your own product you created. Or you can be promoting someone else’s product and that’s called affiliate marketing.

For example, you have purchased some new software or product or course and you are getting good results with it. And you like it very much and you want to promote it. Then you can make a post saying, hey I have bought this program or course and I really really like it.

This is how it has changed my audience growth This is how it has given me good results in my biz. Go and checkout by clicking this link. The link is your call to action, so people can see what you’re talking about.

This is the best thing to wake up-to ever, when you see that somebody you don’t even know and never talked to has bought a course or an affiliate product  just because of your content.

Do not overdo call to action posts. They can be 20 percent or less than that. if you overdo then your page is going to look like a tv channel who are always selling something.

Your posts should educate, entertain and inform.

Your posts should educate, entertain and inform. Click To Tweet

So these are six types of posts, you can do for your online business to see profit.

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Best Post For Facebook| Six Types Of Posts For Social Media

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I appreciate you!

Saravjeet Sandhu

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