Best Mouse For Laptop – Logitech M330 Verses Logitech MX Master 2X Anywhere

Best Mouse For Laptop (Mac-book Air) - Logitech M330

I’ve fallen in love with my new Logitech M330 mouse for my laptop (Mac-book Air). I purchased this mouse 2 days ago from Staples. Price is very affordable, $18 only. It’s so cute and efficient that I want to wake up in the morning and work with it.

If you’re an entrepreneur and blogger just like me, then you must value portability of your gadgets, which you use all day long.

I used Razer Death Adder Chroma mouse for more than 5 year since I bought my macbookair.

Razer Death Adder mouse performed perfectly good for all these years, as I was using for social media’s follow unfollow functions too because that works at a razor speed.

But recently it started giving me trouble so I had to look for new mouse for my laptop. So finally purchased Logitech M330 Silent Plus from Staples.  At the same time dropping my Logitech MX Master 2x Anywhere package at the Staples pick up station for Amazon returns.

To cut the long story short, last week I ordered new mouse from Amazon -Logitech MX Master 2X Anywhere Wireless mouse. Talking of Amazon, check out my Amazon influencer store HERE. For me Amazon Prime is very convenient. 


My Top Pick 

Best Laptop 2023!

  • Best Performance
  • Best memory
  • Enough space

As soon as I opened the box, I was very disappointed. Because the mouse is so heavy. And the beats the function of being portable and lightweight. I don’t want to carry a mouse as heavy as my laptop around the house or while traveling.

So I didn’t even tried this mouse on my Mac-book Air laptop. I just printed the return label and headed to Staples to drop my box for Amazon return.

And while at the shop, the rep showed me all the new latest Logitech and all other mouse. I wanted to buy an Apple mouse, but the store do not carry apple mouse. So I’ve to choose what was available at the store. So quiet unsure of the functionality and efficiency, I just picked Logitech M330 Silent Wireless mouse for my mac-book air laptop.

I liked the designation silent, the light weight and the look of this mouse. But I wasn’t sure how it will turn out once I go home and open the box. 

So as soon as I opened the box, I was impressed by the packaging and ease of opening the package. Some venders put so many sticker and labels on top of stupid hard plastic packaging where you’ve to use a sharp big knife to open it while breaking your nail or two. And little usb drive was nestled inside the tummy of the mouse MS330, very neat for traveling. A very smart idea.


Logitech M330 Silent Mouse

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This is not my first Logitech mouse, as I’ve a couple for my desktop monitors. But this new Logitech MS330 Silent Wireless mouse packaging, look and efficiency forced me to write this article.

As the name says it’s silent and very efficient and very easy to hold in my hand. The mouse is so cute, very efficient and easily portable. A big muah for this Logitech MS330 mouse! I give more than 5 star to this sweet and perfect mouse for my Macbook-air laptop or any other laptop.

Let me know if this post helped you in your purchase :)

And let me know which mouse you’re using and which one is your favorite?

Best Mouse For Macbook Air - Logitech M330 Verses Logitech MX Master 2X Anywhere

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