5 Tips To Stay Strong And Healthy To Beat Corona Virus Fear | COVID-19

5 Tips To Stay Strong And Healthy To Beat Corona Virus Fear | Pandemic COVID-19

5 Tips To Stay Strong And Healthy To Beat Corona Virus Fear

Today I am talking about 5 tips to stay strong and healthy to beat corona virus fear |  COVID-19.  This is a time where a lot of panic, fear and a lot of negativity going on right now. And everybody is scared, because of this virus.

I live in New York, and I’m not close to the city I live away from the city. I live close to the border of Long Island and it’s kind of suburbs and area is very safe and good.

But in downtown Manhattan people have been affected by COVID-19

So right now I want to talk about it. I have been taking all the precautions and staying safe and peaceful productive. At least I’m trying to stay safe from this pandemic, because right now I just got a call from my sister She lives in India. She told me that the Prime Minister of India has issued a warning to stay inside the homes. People have to stay confined inside homes until 21 days.

So everybody has to follow the directions has to stay inside the home for exactly 21 days to make all the things safe and it’s better to take precaution, then, to be affected by anything. So, she told me it’s hard to follow. That’s  kind of a scary. There’s a lot of fear going on inside much populated areas. I live in Queens, so it’s kind of an open area, not a much congested area. But wherever you’re you’ve to take measures to stay safe

So right now I’m going to talk about five things you are supposed to be doing in this fearful atmosphere of pandemic COVID-19, which I have been practicing myself.

So number one is safety. You have to take all the measures of social distancing yourself, and staying at home. And do not go outside as long as is very very important and you need to go and buy something. Otherwise there is no need to go outside. And follow your govt. official guidelines.

And number two is stay sober. Do not consume any alcohol and if you feel like consuming alcohol, instead eat food. No way. You’re not going to gain any weight. Instead of three meals eat five small meals. That works out for me perfectly fine.

So this is much better than drinking. You only reach out for alcohol when you’re tired, or you are upset or low on energy. So that is why you want to eat five small meals.

Stay fully hydrated, eat small five meals. So that you are staying fit, you do not feel like drinking.

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And number three is keep your first aid box fully updated. Stock Tylenol, Advil, band aids and Neosporin etc.

So, right now, if you have a cough or sneeze you start feeling fearful. But every cough and sneeze, is not corona. These things happen in life every day, regardless of this pandemic.

When you’re prepared, then you are not worried that this is something epidemic or something like that.

The other day, I cut my finger a little bit. When I went to my first-aid box, my Neosporin cream was expired so I stocked all the things right away. Do not take every cough or sneeze as a sign of pandemic.

So, number four is eat your fruits and vegetables. Eating organic is better. But if it is non organic, make sure you wash them completely. And I know right now it is not safe to go every now and then buy vegetables and fruits, but you can buy them and stock them.  Or wash them and freeze them, eg berries and blueberries and strawberries and bananas, everything you can freeze.

So you do not have to go out again and again to buy those things.

And number five is exercise, and stay fit. I have been exercising every day. Do some form of exercise, whatever you like yoga inside the house or watching some CD or DVD and then exercise. Just do some exercise. When you do exercise your immune system is strong and plus your mind is strong.

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Everything happens between these two ears. So when your mind is strong, nothing bad happens and your mind is weak, then all negative, negative things happen.  So exercise and stay strong and have strong mindset.

Bonus Super Tip

And extra important bonus tip is praying and having faith. I know we do not feel like praying every day. But right now, this is the time. You’re supposed to be praying and staying calm. Because I have found that whenever I pray I’m more calm, more productive, more peaceful and more social.

So pray and stay connected with your family, and if you pray together that is much much better. Don’t feel like you’re the only person who is praying. Tell your family, let’s pray together.  At least if you ask them to pray together and maybe there is a 50/50 chance of praying together. So pray together and stay close to your family.

So, these are the five things which I have been practicing and let me know what else you have been practicing to stay safe.

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Yesterday, I talked to my daughter, she lives and works in Chicago, in a real estate firm. And she showed me told me, mom, here is a little office space I’ve set up in my apartment. Because her office is shutdown for the time being. She is working and having conferences and talks from home instead of her office in her firm, that’s closed now because of the pandemic fear.

So right now I know a lot of friends whose businesses have been shut down. And a couple of friends have joined with me and helping them.  So, if you are thinking of starting a business from home and you were double minded. Right now it is time to start.

Because you are going to want to do something, right. So you can start the trial and and start your journey of working and creating income from home, while being quarantined at home. There is endorsement from my side because I have been getting results, I have been creating income from home, so you can do the same. And plus I’m here with all the help. And all the training is already there in the system.

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So stay safe, healthy, happy and create income from home, guys. I wish you all the best and have a good day everyone. See you again. Bye.

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5 Tips To Stay Strong And Healthy To Beat Corona Virus Fear | Pandemic COVID-19

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