5 Things You Must Do Everyday To grow Your Business & Get More Customers

5 Things You Must Do Everyday To grow Your Business & Get More Customers

5 Things You Must Do Everyday To grow Your Business & Get More Customers

Today’s topic is “5 Things You Must Do Everyday To grow Your Business & Get More Customers.” If you are an online entrepreneur, there are some important things that you cannot skip to achieve all the success you dream and desire. These five things you must do everyday to grow your business and bank account.

So right now I’m going to talk about five things which I do for myself.

First of all, Figure out what are those five things for your business, which are important, and which are going to grow your business. You have to sit down and you have to figure out those five things. May maybe there are more than five things which you need to do every day, but five things are must, you have to do every single day.

And you have to keep repeating those five things every single day. That is called the rule of five.

One day you ‘ll wake up and see you’ve created enough momentum, that leads to achieving, the success of your goals and dreams.

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” Share on X

So you have to figure out first, what are those five things.  Right now, for me, I’m going to list what are those five things, but these five things can keep changing as your business grows over time.

But right now I will list what are those five things.

1. Number one is content creation

Content creation is number one and on my top of the list of five.

I create content every day, either it is a Facebook post or blog post or a video or tweets, or pin on Pinterest, or post on Instagram.

I create content every single day. So, you can figure out what is your best form of content creation and stick with that. Or you can keep changing what content you like to create every day.

Usually I make a Facebook post almost every day. I do tweets every other day or two times a week, and I’ll do Instagram post a once a week right now.

I do video once a week on YouTube, I upload on YouTube, and then I syndicate on all of the platforms.

And I write blog posts, every other week.

So, this quantity, can keep changing as how much you’re creating and where you’re creating.

But keep creating content every day. Keep providing value every day so that you get leads every day.

2. Number two is talk to people every day

If you are into network marketing then you got to talk to people. And there is no other alternative, you got to talk to people.  You get to make your team.

So, every single day. Make it a goal of talking to, at least, two people, or five people. So, between two to five people every single day, and introduce them to your business, your service or  products, so that they know what you are about.

3. And number three is follow up 

Follow up every single day with people.

So at least two people is must.  It’s perfect. But you can follow more than two people, if you like. For example yesterday, I was following up with somebody. She seemed like a good prospect, good lead. But once I followed up with her. She seemed like a complainer so I stopped there because I don’t want to waste my time anymore with the complainers. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so get busy with other people who are interested in your product or opportunity Do not waste time the complainers, but follow up every single day.

Fortune is in the follow up.

4. And number four is read every day

Right now, I’m reading a book. The  name is ‘Dream 100’ book, and the author is Dana Derricks. He is talking about partnerships with other people, basically your dream, 100 team. people who you want to work with. So, read every single day, whether you are reading on the laptop or on the cell phone or a book or, you know, listening to audio, whatever suits you.

And it does not matter how many pages, you’re reading. Just read every day, so that as you are increasing your knowledge bank.

Read books on the subjects you wish to be a master of and your self-confidence will reach sky. Share on X

5. And last but not the least, number five is saying your affirmations every day

Taking action is important, but equally important, is saying your affirmations.

To achieve your goal, obviously, you have to take action. But once you took action, and then you got to stay positive. Say your affirmation so that you are staying in that positive zone.

Sometimes we take action and then we wallow into negativity, and that way, results are not good. So, take massive action, which you need to take, but say your affirmations,. And stay, stay positive to get the maximum results.

That way, you’re reaching near your goals faster.

These are five things for me right now which I do every single day. There are other things, which I do, but these five things, I try to accomplish, every single day without fail. So these are my five things. But you get to figure out your five things. If you are into network marketing, then you can apply these five things, just like me.

“You Only have to do a few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.” Share on X

Maybe there are other important things for you to add to the list. I have a couple of other things, which I do every day too. But I listed my five things. So, comment below the video what are your five things so other people can get benefit.

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5 Things You Must Do Everyday To grow Your Business & Get More Customers

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