5 Easy Ways On How To Stay Focused | Network Marketing Tips

5 Easy Ways On How To Stay Focused | Network Marketing Tips

5 Easy Ways On How To Stay Focused | Network Marketing Tips

There is a lot of information online and lot of things to do.  So there is a lot going on online. You are going to lose your efficiency, time, and business hours, if you’re not focused. All the distraction can take over. And the end of the day you’re going to look back and see that you did not accomplish anything.

So, if you are not focused, this is going to happen. There are many videos over there in the YouTube how to stay focused. But I am going to give you my original tips that I use every day to stay focused. So I’m listing 5 Easy Ways On How To Stay Focused | Network Marketing Tips

Number one is start your day with the right foot.

When you start your day with the right foot, then you are grounded. And you are on your desk. You are focused. So you’re getting your work done.

Start your day, with some form of exercise your like.  Either walking, running, yoga, bicycle, any other exercise you like. Start your day with the exercise, and then a little meditation and visualizing your day.

And number two is make fewer decisions. Do not make too many decisions that you have to do throughout the day. When you make fewer decisions, then you are able to concentrate on them. When you make too many decision, then you are all over the place.  And you can be easily distracted. Too much on your plate can make you distracted, you’re not able to focus in on one thing. So make one two or three decisions so that you can focus on one and finish one and then you can move to the next one.

And number three is stop the distractions. Stop browsing mindlessly. Stop scrolling news feed and friend’s on all the social medias e.g. Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc.  you know, stop scrolling. I’m not saying stop altogether. But make a certain time either in afternoon or in the evening.

Or time yourself when you’re browsing. Set a timer so you you don’t spend so many hours and do nothing. Make some type of schedule for browsing, for looking at photos, news feed or other pages. Do not just do mindlessly and then realize it’s already 5pm and you did nothing.

And number four have your calendar and your to do list in front of you. before you jump on the social media looking here and there. If you are scrolling and  looking at some kind of drama or anything, you’re not distracted. And when you have your list in front of you, then you will be reminding yourself that you have to finish.  Whatever is going on, you can participate in on the internet or social media after finishing your things that need to be done first.

So number five is have a mission for the day. What do you want to accomplish during the day.? What are the top things in your business you need to do today? Either you have to set up your autoresponder or you have to create content or you have to write your blog, whatever you have to do set up your mission for the day.

So there you are doing it. And at the end of the day, you’re saying, I finished it. If you do not have a mission for the day, then you’re too distracted than you’re gonna be answering every message on the messenger, you’re gonna be looking at every email and  browsing & chatting mindlessly.

If you want to focus then, you have to stop saying yes to everything. For example you’re in the middle of your task and somebody messages you for some help, obviously, you are going to help.

But there should be certain hours to looking at those messages. If you’re in the middle of your task, you’re in the flow and you jump to help somebody else then your thought process is interrupted. And you are going to postpone accomplishing your task at hand and you are not going to be able to help other people on the larger scale.

So these are my five top tips on how to stay focused in your network marketing business.

Start your day with the right foot…

Make fewer decisions…

Stop distractions…

Have your calendar and your to do list..

Have a mission for the day…

Let me know if you liked these tips and share what are you top ways to stay focused in your online business.

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5 Easy Ways On How To Stay Focused | Network Marketing Tips

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