3 Steps to Finding Prospects

3 Steps to Finding Prospects

When you enter network marketing, time freedom and financial freedom seems very lucrative. And that can be achieved faster by building a strong team by prospecting. Here are 3 steps to finding prospects. These are basically same steps, either you’re into growing your online biz, mlm recruiting or building your Network Marketing team.

Number one is Be kind.

When you are talking and are looking for your prospects, be always kind.

Be nice, even if somebody is not interested your business.  Be kind even if somebody is not interested in your product or opportunity you’re selling.  You still got to be a nice human being, you still have to be a caring person.

Look for building the relationships, not only money. I’m not saying that you bypass the money making part. That’s the core of the business. What I mean here is that it shouldn’t be your only focus.

Your job is only to spread awareness about the product or opportunity or business or whatever you’re doing, or selling. If they’ve enough information, it their decision to join your or not. Yes or no is prospect’s decision. It’s not your decision.

Your job is only to educate people. Make them aware of the product or opportunity. Show them the way to the freedom, that is your job.  Do not focus on no or yes only. Obviously, when you are in business, you like positive results.  But you are not focusing on those results, you are focusing on educating people.  So it is up to the people if they like it or not.

They can say yes or no.

Everybody over here is fighting their own battle. Everybody has their own struggles and challenges. So always be kind and always be nice and always be a good human being. Even if somebody is not interested right now in your product or opportunity.

If you are building relationships, who knows, may over a period of time, they would like to join you.

Number two is stories.

Share your stories.  We make stories everyday. Things happen and we have stories either small stories or big stories. New stories or old stories we always have stories. So go ahead and share your story.  Stories are very important because they inspire and uplift others. People can resonate with the story.

So over here I’m going to share my story. This is the month of May. Last year, my family, (my daughter and my husband) took me to a nice restaurant in Manhattan in New York City for Mother’s Day.  And we all had nice time.

3 Steps To Finding Prospects Online

We all had nice meal and time. But still in the back of my mind I was a little bit worried. And it was not showing on my on my face I was happy. My family was happy. But I was worried, you want to know why? Because at that time I was struggling to make my own team for my business and I did not have any team at that time.  Because I was acquiring all my skills.

I was growing my audience and I barely had any good selling skills. I was improving on that. And at that time, I did not have any team making skills at all. I was struggling at that time to make a team.

Fast forward, now I’ve learned how to make a team.  And right now I have all the skills.

So that is the difference in one year and that is my story. Last May I was wondering oh my god, how to make my team for my home business. How can people make a team? That topic was giving me a hard time. 

My story may inspire you right now! Stories are important. So share your stories, listen to the stories and talk about your stories.

Lastly, DMO

DMO( daily method of operation)

So we make lists to accomplish things. Your list is your DMO.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs

If you are in a network marketing business you are supposed to have a team. So to have a team, you have to talk to people. Obviously, you are going to be building relationship and talking to people. Write down and be clear how you’re going to make money in your biz.

So make a list of how many people a day, you are going to talk to, either old clients or new prospects. 

Keep improving your list. and work according to your list.  And that is your DMO, your own list is your dmo. You do not have to copy somebody else’s DMO who is doing better than you.  You can get inspired from them. You can always learn from their success, but as your dmo is your dmo.


Be kind, share stories and have your own DMO, so these are my 3 steps to finding prospects. Go out and prospect and grow your team, I’m too!

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3 Steps to Finding Prospects

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Saravjeet Sandhu

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