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Providing entrepreneurs with the strategies and tools to succeed online without wasting time and get leads and sales.

What I Do

Providing home business owners with the strategies and tools to succeed online without wasting time and get leads and sales.

I Coach.

I launched and coached our clients this year for social media marketing.  Social medias have diffrerent rules and strategies to follow and apply. 

I Teach

I’ve been teaching for many years, as my first job ever was a high school teacher. Now I teach online. Every week I make videos and teach tips and startegies in our group.

I Write.

I published my first book on Amazon- “Starting A Successful Blog: Sahre Your Passion And Turn It Into A Business” 

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Need Advice?

Looking to start your online business? And want to be your own boss? Then we need to connect, so that I can help with where to start from, so that you grow without wasting your valuable time and efforts. 

My Ebook &Courses

My E-Books & Courses

You can download my E-Book on Amazon, named ‘Starting a Successful Blog: Share Your Passion And Turn It Into A Business’ under my Pen name Sara K Sandhu. And ‘What Do I Need To Start A YouTube Channel’ is the course I created for beginners, who want to start their YouTube channel.


“ Sara K Sandhu has created  a wonderful and easy guide to turning your passion into  a business with this thoughtful and expertly written book which outlines the simple and sequential steps to successful blogging. ”

Dr Lisa Bates

My Story

SARAVJEET  is a long time New York resident and business owner.  And she started online marketing in 2012. She started blogging in Oct, 2016. She has generated 100s of leads and sales in network marketing and she has also taught many home business owners how to do the same. And in Dec 2018, she published her first book in network marketing on Amazon on blogging. 

She teaches and coaches her clients how to get leads online and how to get sales through social media marketing and digital marketing.

Saravjeet Sandhu